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  1. What speed is your ISP promising? Do you have two computers/laptops to plug in and do a https://iperf.fr test?
  2. This. You need to test another device on that Ethernet cable. perferably something simple like a PlayStation, Xbox, Roku that will try it’s hardest to get to the internet. if that works it’s computer settings that are the cause of this issue. if that doesn’t work, it’s your modem/router or cable itself. Those cables folded so tight in the packaging sometimes are dead on arrival.
  3. The only other suggestion is to limit the WiFi clients to 100mbps . That reduced a lot of my lag using Remote Desktop for work. It don’t have the disconnect issues though.
  4. Does your isp provide a modem or modem/router? Can anything else connect to the internet through your router via Ethernet cable? Does that work? It sounds like you’re not getting an IP address from your router. Maybe DHCP is not on by default and you need a specific address to connect to it.
  5. Might get more specialized help in the synology forums. only other idea is try testing without threat prevention turned on
  6. First ping is over ip6 probably doesn’t have it, he is not reporting that he can’t get google.com.. the gateway might have a setting to ignore pings, look into that. If it’s running any extra security features it might be a tad over worked. good luck!
  7. Hello, I have the same router with a doorbell camera (RCA) powered by the doorbell transformer. I drop connection often but I’ve isolated it to the transformer. Perhaps your camera has bad power? another thing I’ve noticed, WiFi and only WiFi spikes for no apparent reason. I can not resolve this issue, but it might also be happening to you and the camera just tries to ‘reconnect’ ? if you figure anything out let us know! Good luck