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  1. Another strange issue...using a RX 580 with HDMI, I had to unplug the HDMI to use the monitor for work and now when I plugged it back and powered on the PC I got an sound error from my MB, one long and 3 short beeps and I believe it's related to the GPU. After that sound error the screen remains black, passing the BIOS boot screen I guess and get's on the logon screen of Windows with signal provided to the display. I tried entering the BIOS with the HDMI but that didn't work, the screen stays black. So I used the VGA connection with a Display Port adapter and the PC starts without any sound errors, I can enter the BIOS. What I noticed when accessing the BIOS is the fact that the CSM option is back to Enabled, by itself. WTF is wrong?
  2. I disabled the Core Boost performance and the CPU stays at the clock speed mentioned above, the frequency doesn't go much over 1 V but drops to 0.192 for some reason I did noticed an improvement in temps
  3. OK, weird things are happening...I have the latest chipset drivers and if I have Cool'N'Quite on and AMD Balanced power plan the CPU doesn't drop under 3518 MHz and when I'm using the PC goes to 3593 MHz. I also noticed that sometimes the CPU frequency drops down to 0.192 V. Something weird is happening
  4. Hi guys, I just got myself a new PC: Ryzen 5 3600 + Gigabyte b450m ds3h + 16 GB @ 3000 and Rx 580. I have a few issues: - I had trouble getting signal through rx 580 until I disabled CMS bios (legacy) but it worked fine with an older gts 250 without disabling it, the only difference is that the RX uses the HDMI, any idea why is this happening? - I feel that the system is not working properly, the fans are going crazy like they stop for a sec and suddenly jumping on higher rpms. - I used the stock cooler for two days but I was hitting 90 degrees in Warzone so I decided to change it but there is not much difference, it still hits 86 degrees. - I also kept the processor under observation and notice that the frequency, voltage and temperature and jumping all over the place even in idle and even when just moving the mouse I'm using the AMD balanced power settings in Windows, Cool 'n' Quite is Enabled and Core performance boost in on Auto as it doesn't have Enabled. Most of my Bios settings are on Auto and I doubt that's correct. What can I do to have steady temps and steady frequency or at least so it doesn't jump all over the place?
  5. So is that Segotep worth buying over Corsair TX550M for example just for the slight lower price but higher wattage and amperage?
  6. There are a few other options like SilentiumPC, a few 80+ Bronze Seasonic, FSP, Cooler Master, Super Flower, Thermaltake. Nzxt is rare here, as most of their products. Apparently Segotep is dead silent even in full load, I've asked around in a local group So frustrating getting a PSU :)) so many options
  7. Did a bit of research for TX550M and apparently it can get louder than usual PSU's, is that correct? I do believe that can cause some discomfort for me
  8. Ok, after some more research I managed to find a Corsair TX550M, takes longer to deliver being at the supplier and not at the online shop itself. Would 550W 43A on a single 12V rail be enough for that r5 3600 and rx 580 8 GB? I don't plan doing any OC
  9. That's the name of it, it's actually a 650W PSU Located in Romania
  10. So you believe Segotep GP750G to be a good option for the price? I also found CoolerMaster MASTERWATT 550W and Cooler Master MWE V2 Bronze 550 at a pretty decent price.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm currently building a new PC which will run a Ryzen 5 3600 + RX 580 8 GB + 16 GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz and I'm having a hard time picking the correct PSU and I was wondering if you guys can help me out with some suggestions. As the title says it must be under 100$ and I don't care if it's modular or not. I've read the PSU Tier list but it's a lot of information and confused me even more, for example I noticed that Segotep GP-G series is noted in gold which means is a good PSU but Seasonic S12III is not? Did I misunderstood that?