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  1. i play rust and currently its freezing up very badly fsr i have no clue can someone help?
  2. no i live with my parents but my cat and dog do not come upstairs
  3. yea mine is just on the normal mic stand it comes with
  4. does it just do that?
  5. hi i got my new microphone like 15 days ago and first the left side started to dent in for mo reason but then earkier i i left my mic for like 3 hours then realised the top left sidde of my blue yeti is flattening fsr??? any way i can stop this?
  6. Hi i started doing you-tube a 5 days ago and i was wondering because i keep deleting all the clips after i have rendered a video and the video after im done uploading but i want to know overtime will it affect my PC even if i'm deleting them even from my recycle bin??
  7. (my old one witch was hitler got removed)
  8. i go to school and get emails about aving an inapropriate whats the most inapropriate thing i can put?
  9. @TomvanWijnen My floor is carpet and pc's could break from static from being on the floor any other way ?
  10. Also @Light-Yagami My HDD and SSD are in a shroud stuck to the bottom of my pc
  11. Depends what you are using it for even if you get a 1660 its completely fine mine was £170 it runs any game Good fps on benchmarks and in my pc its paired with an AMD ryzen 7 2700x if you are gaming i feel this machine would be not that good or even useless its worth to get somthing cheap than nothing
  12. Hey i dont really rage often at games but i have started to be very prone to rage whilst playing VALORANT Is hitting my desk harmful to my PC (i hit my desk really hard)