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  1. Hi, Thoroughly enjoy the Linus Tech Tips channel on YouTube and purchased from the LTT Store not too long ago. Apologies in advance should this question need to be posted elsewhere on the forum. Whilst I really enjoy building rigs and literally just joined the the Linus Tech Tips F@H team as for game play on a PC and/or Console I'm not by any means a gamer however I'd like to ask the following gaming related questions which I'd really appreciate comments on please. Are there any games that my 8-Year old and I can be play online similarly to X-Box Live but with no subscription on a Windows failing that Linux PC please? From what I've understood it's possible to get a Minecraft server up and running that my Son would be able to connect to remotely however I'm not 100% sure on how best to go about setting this up nor whether I'm misinterpreting what exactly a Minecraft server is nor how my Son would be able to connect to this. Failing that should there be any other highly recommended games that the both of us could play on a PC remotely from each other that don't require any form of subscription please advise further on this. My Son absolutely loves placing Crash Bandicoot on his X-Box One S and we've both signed up to a 1-month trial to X-Box Live however neither my Son's Mother nor I am keen on paying for a continued subscription. Perhaps it's Steam games that my Son and I need to consider buying that we can play online. Really don't know what the options are nor where to start. Many thanks for any suggestions. Stay safe and well.