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  1. I recently reinstalled my OS and cleared everything from my disks, both of my storage devices are recognized by the pc and i can see them in the bio/ system information yet when i try to download something it only gives me my m.2 ssd as an option, does somebody know how to resolve this issue?
  2. How exactly do i reinstall the OS with a bios in only UEFI mode? Ive been looking up alot on how ot do this but i am not really finding any answers.. I dont know how to exactly reinstall windows itself and go to the option where i can choose between legacy and uefi, do you know how ot do this?
  3. Should I uninstall everything manually on my pc before doing it or can I just do a fresh start in windows setting, or should I just reinstall the OS all in all without doing anything? And do you know if reinstalling OS wears out the ssd alot or if it's fine
  4. 8 jus tchecked my BIOS once more and then I realized that my pc is only able to Boot from my hdd and not my ssd eventhough my ssd has the OS installed on it do you know how I can fix that? Would you recommended doing a fresh start and reinstalling the OS newly that way I can install it in uefi and maybe fix all the issue?
  5. So can I enable the docp Profile again or could that cause an issue? Or was the csm not being enabled the problem I had? And thanks again so much for All the help
  6. After saving changes and restarting my pc booted into windows! does this mean everything is fixed or is there still something i need to do? Thanks so much again Edit: i checked and my bios mode is Legacy
  7. This is what comes up, should I just trial and error between uefi and legacy?
  8. How do I check that? I currently cant boot into Windows due to there being nö boot option can I tell which one it is from the BIOS?
  9. Is that Bad? If so im sorry I can try taking one down im just trying to figure this issue out as fast as possible because it is quite stressing
  10. I turned off the pc and unplugged the Power cable, was that wrong?
  11. I tried taking out the battery an dputting it back 5 mins later, I resetted the BIOS Option to optimize default and I shorted the cmos reset Pins but none of that worked, Do you know what I could try next?
  12. I tried that but it didn't work, I took out the mobo battery and reinstalled it a few mins later and I shorted the cmos reset Pins but nether of those worked either. My pc still cant find a boot option even though my m. 2 with th OS is Being shown as hardware Do you know how to fix this?
  13. Inside the BIOS topeft corner it says Uefi so um pretty sure it's that though I never saw the option
  14. I cleared my cmos by removing the mobo battery waiting 5 min and putting it back in, afterwards I started the pc but there is still no Boot option
  15. I reset my BIOS setting to defaultafter having some issues, though afterwards there was no Boot Option, I could still see my m. 2 ssd (OS) and hdd as Hardware in the setting but nether could be used for booting, I tried to unplug the hdd and attempz booting from the ssd that way but it didn't work either, does somebody have a solution?