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  1. Thanx @Enderman, For sharing me your opinion !! Unfortunately rtings haven't reviewed lg model !!
  2. Thanx @King Spartan, for your co-operation !! yea I'm looking for 4k hdr gaming !!
  3. Hello everyone !! Hope you are doing well !! Stay safe and healthy !! Your opinion is highly valuable 4 me. I have assumed that many of you guys have good knowledge regarding pc stuffs n all , so I thought to share dis post with all of you. I'm actually upgrading my pc , it's the best time for pc gamer to upgrade pc with next gen gpu and cpu. For that we need compatable components like motherboard ,psu , ram etc. After purchasing all that stuff I realise that, I have limited budget for 4k tv. After lot of research , I have selected three models. Would you be so kind to tell me , which one should I buy- 1.Samsung - Serif LS01T 43 INCH 2. LG -123 cm (49 inches) 49UK7500PTA 4K UHD LED TV 3.SONY- Sony Bravia 123 cm 49 inch (49x8000H)4K LED {Please feel free to share me your opinion}
  4. Thnx @Shabba, for sharing your opinion. I appreciate it. I agree with your point. According to some people , 16 gb ( for i9 10900k) is more then enough for gaming !!
  5. I have already spent lot of bucks on PC stuffs , now I have these two option available. do you have any idea , which one should I buy ?? My budget for monitor is $1024
  6. Thnx @dilpickle, for sharing your opinion. Your explanation is quite logical and practical. I agree with your point. thnx for your co-operation. I appreciate it. im actually confused , between these two model of Samsung. According to you which one should I buy for 4K gaming ? 1. Samsung Q60t 2. Serif LS01T
  7. Thnx @SavageNeo, for your valuable opinion is agree with your point. I appreciate your co-operation.
  8. Scary facts -



  9. Would you be so kind to tell me , compatible psu with i9 10900k and Rtx 3090.!?
  10. Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well !! Please Stay safe and healthy !! { Your opinion is highly valuable for me } As you all know that , it’s the perfect time to upgrade or build your PC with next gen cpu and gpu. Before building or upgrading PC , we must make a plan regarding equipment that are compatible with cpu and gpu . I know many of you guys have good knowledge regarding PC stuffs and all . So I thought to share this post with all of you ,in order to get your opinion. Now look I thought , otherwise I may be wrong and frequently I’m but these days Im pretty much confused about ram , is there any link between Ram and gpu ,incase if there’s , then should I go for 32gb or 16gb is sufficient( playing any title at ultra settings ) because I have to purchase other stuffs also like psu. {Please feel free to share your opinion as it’s highly valuable for me.}
  11. Unforgettable Character -


  12. Based on facts only 😉