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  1. Hey guys first post here. i purchased a gaming laptop ASUS tuf gaming fx705dy this week and it comes equipped with Ryzen 5 3550H, Radeon RX 560X. I noticed that during 3dmark testing i was obtaining like 12 fps which is crazy as i saw the performance that i should be getting normally. https://www.3dmark.com/fs/17054799 so i installed a game, Nino nu Kuni II and the fps was crap as well. opened performance tab and saw that laptop was using only apu and not gpu. I have amd adrenaline 2020 installd as amd catalyst does not work with this graphics card. So there is no switchable graphics card option as posted on many youtube vids and forums. I see people are saying option was removed in latest AMD software so figured how are you guys using your dedicated card for gaming? i tried to use windows setting to set the game to use high performance but while fps went higher, it only reached like 56 fps. can you guys help? thanks in advance.