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  1. I'm only asking as I can buy new 3950x for 5-8% cheaper than the 5900x launch price atm. However this offer will not last, so it does make sense to try to estimate if the deal is worth it or not. From what I can see the consensus is that its most likely not worth it so ill wait, thx all.
  2. I was planning on getting a 5900x, but with the small price increase i can get the 3950x for the same price or slightly cheaper. Which of these cpus do you think will age the best in a system that is expected to last for at least 5 years? yes,yes i know its a crystal ball question, but any insight would be useful, would you rather have higher clocks or more cores going forward? I mostly use my pc for gaming and statistics.
  3. What would be the best fan placement in the Dark Base 700 in its inverted layout? Adding a picture of a similar build for illustration (ignore that the radiator at the front is used as exhaust, for my build that will be intake) Note that the top only has vents in the back, referred to top back from now on. With a normal layout i would just slap the additional fan at the top back and have the air go from the front to the top and back of the case with both fans pulling in the same direction. With the inverted layout you cannot place the back fans next to each other, rather they have to be at back bottom and top back. My concern is that with a fan in top back position as an exhaust fan in the inverted layout could counteract the GPU fans and also lead the GPU fans to circulate its own hot air again and again. Is it possible that the top back would be better of as an intake blowing down at the gpu in the inverted layout? I can also note that i would get an additional air filer if i were to use the top back as intake. ATM i see 3 options 1. Use the top back as intake 2. Use the top back as exhaust 3. Dont have a fan at the top back at all and run push pull on the radiator instead Does anyone have experience with inverted cases?
  4. Evga has stated that caps can be a problem and that some of their early review samples used lower grade caps, however that these did not make it to the shelves. https://forums.evga.com/Message-about-EVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080-POSCAPs-m3095238.aspx
  5. Tech yea city showing a video of the caps on a Tuf card sold from a retailer. Seems to be good caps for the asus Tuf, But we still need more samples. so please link pictures of your cards.
  6. I have noticed this as well. However, have you seen unboxings from others than reviewers? It would be nice to get confirmation from actual owners of the cards that went on sale and not just the review samples. With the different pictures some started speculating in whether the reviews got a card with slightly better speccs. I do not believe this to be the case, but it you still be nice to get confirmation from owners.
  7. The Tuf seems to be a great buy if you can get it close to MSPR. With the Tuf at MSRP it is unlikely that the other cards with be a better value. However if you care more about oc than value, the discussion can change somewhat. I do believe the OCer derbauer have a tear down video of the strix out. It seems good, but you are paying a lot for it = not worth it for most people. Put in an preorder from a reputable retailer with a good return policy. This was you can but now at MSRP and still wait to see what AMD brings. Can you confirm the power capacitors used on the Tuf? Retailers and reviews/asus have different pictures on their site (i created a separate topic for this) If the TUF uses 6 of the "good caps" as some pictures show id say you would be a fool to buy anything else if you are not a serious OCer.
  8. The crashed people have been experiencing with the 3080s might be due to cheaper caps, watch for more context. The question now is what caps are on what boards. Regarding Asus Tuf there seem to be a mismatch between the pictures on retailer sites and asuses own site/ what we see in videos, thus making it harder to figure out what is correct. The official asus site have these pictures with the good caps that is not associated with crashes. On the retailers site the pictures with the caps that might be causing the problems (keep in mind that the problem has not been confirmed by all AIBs, at least not what is causing it) So with this miss match between marketing from retailers, asuses own site and the review samples it would be really helpful if the owners of the 3080 tuf could take a picture of the backside of their card to confirm what caps have been used on the cards that went on sale. Again. It is not confirmed that this is whats causing the crashed. But with the limited knowledge we have atm it seems to be the most likely.
  9. This is a good point. My thought process was that it could be harder to get the same sticks in a few years when we are over on ddr5. This might not be the case but as i got them on 30% of, im happy. They will if anything look good from day one Any tips on PSU unit? This is what i feel most insecure about atm.
  10. I can also note that i dont upgrade my system often = i do future proof abit. With that said i would have gone with 32 gb ram for a more gaming based system. The 64 is more for the statistics part. Atm it could get by with 32 for that aswell but it not unlikely that i would need more in the future so i got some additional matching stick now as they were on sale. I dont mind the looks of 4 matching sticks either. Pcpartpicker list coming up
  11. You Might wanna start a new thread Mohammad Was my bad. i started the thread by accident and took 5 min to finish editing it. As a reply to your list. Why not a b550 for pcie 4? Not that important now, but might be a decent perk for the future.
  12. While i wait on the new gpus/cpus i have started hunting for bargains and would love some feedback on my build list. Budget (including currency): 20k nok, maybe around 1.5k usd Country: Norway Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming and statistics Upgrading from gtx 770 Monitor 1440p 144hz Parts list (parts in bold have already been purchased on sale) Case Be quiet dark base 700 ( i need a case that can be inverted) GPU Asus Tuf 3080 (have 100+ days return policy so i can wait to see what amd brings) CPU Waiting for Zen 3 Aio Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 Mobo Considering x570 tomahawk Wifi or else i might go with a 600 if they launch with zen 3(i do need the wifi and want to have it integrated in the mobo rather than as a pcie unit) Ram Hyper fury RGB 3200 64gb 4x16 Storage Kingston A2000 M.2 NVMe SSD - 1TB Storage Kingston 960gb SSD PSU 750w or higher, considering the RM, RMx, ion+, nzxt c850 or seasonic focus. https://no.pcpartpicker.com/list/
  13. After the launch the 3080 with a few cards at msrp the prices increased a bit after the shelves were cleaned out. Now however, one of the major retailers in Norway is trying to push cards running a 10% of on the 3080 ventus dropping it back to the msrp with an expected shipping in January 2021. Why they are actively pushing when they are sold out for months is beyond me, but i guess its been a strange year. What is the restocking situation in your countries like?
  14. The launch of the 3090 looks much more controlled. Atm we have 2 youtubers with strict rules for games and settings and only in 8k. Compare this to the 3080 were we got the reviews ahead of the launch, it seems like Nvidia is doing its best to hide comparisons at relevant resolutions (4k). It is clear that the top card will be a terrible value, but this is nothing new from the previous generation, however i guess you could argue that this is worse as its not really a gaming card. After the poor launch of the 3080 you would think that NVIDIA would treat its customers better than to purposely withhold information from buyers until its on sale. The strange thing about the situations is why they bother doing this. Considering the limited stock that will be available they are more or less guaranteed to sell out the first batch anyway so there is no real reason to push panic buying harder than necessary. If anything it will only bring more scalpers along.
  15. Thank you for the response, do you have a link to the GN video/article? id love to check it out.