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  1. I am using an igpu. Thats why I didnt put that as a option. Cause I am using a old entry level laptop. So no dedicated GPU. Just iGPU. Also the thing stopped. My laptop just gave up and rebooted.
  2. I dont think so, cable doesnt matter, as i nust bought the monitor. And i had 5 BSODs in the last hour. Must be something else
  3. Both keyboard and mouse doesnt work. Cant force power off either. Should i just yeet the battery?
  4. Alright thanks, what I meant by automatically is it will transfer the data from SSD to the raided HDD without me having to manually transfer the data
  5. I was wondering, let's say what if I would want to make like a backup storage system for my laptop, would it be possible to create a Mini storage system With the Raspberry Pi 4 model B and 2 or more External HDDs and have it do raid 1 or something similar to that automatically And another question I do have regarding to the same topic, is there a software or something that can make it so that let's say there 2 external hdds and 1 external ssd, is it possible to simply connect them up and then when I want to transfer data/back data up, I would simply plug in and copy data to the ssd, after its finished copying I could unplug and the software/tool would transfer the data in ssd to hdd and have it do raid (or something similiar) at the same time?