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  1. i cant seem to find where the controller is in my case, do you have any idea where it could be ik it has one because it said it does in the description
  2. hello my pc case is the deepcool matrexx 55 mesh 4f with 4 rgb fans, the fans spin but idk how i can get the rgb for them to work, they are cf120c's, my gpu and mobo light up but idk why my fans wont
  3. The rtx 2060 ko from evga is a few dollars cheaper than the gigabyte gaming oc 5600xt Thank you for understanding the question
  4. I never said that, i just said is the rtx 2060 or 1660 ti better than the 5600xt
  5. No im just asking if those other 2 are better and if i should buy them instead 1.I live in australia and i cant find any powercolour cards 2. Sapphire pulse model is very expensive where i live for some reason
  6. Hello i built my pc and it worked fine for a few days then it started crashing after a few minutes, turns out the gpu was faulty (it was a gigabyte gaming oc triple fan rx 5600 xt). I want to return it but idk if i should get another rx 5600 xt or a different card like the rtx 2060 or gtx 1660 ti
  7. This happened to me once and then i unplugged the psu and plugged it again and it worked fine, have you tried that
  8. Does it work fine in safe mode
  9. Hello, my monitor (ViewSonic VX2458) doesnt have vesa mounts, is there any other way to mount it to the wall
  10. Do you rhink it could hold an atx tower pc, single monitor and peripherals
  11. Do you think the ikea skarsta desk with the crank is also good to save money because motorised ones are quite a bit more expensive
  12. What is better about it than a normal desk exactly (i just want know if it suits my needs)
  13. Or this one which is the same price if not cheaper than normal desks( but this one uses a crank instead of motor) https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwjEvOP4uNHqAhVIdmAKHWO3BjcYABAGGgJ0bQ&sig=AOD64_03sIhXwc-30YlezipYg1Dnn-f9JQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwji9dz4uNHqAhUy73MBHYSXAnAQ2CkIXw&adurl=
  14. Hello, are desks that can be adjusted for you to sit or stand worth the extra money such as this one(price is in AUD): https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwillsHEttHqAhWaNSsKHU6CBxAYABAMGgJzZg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQOD2ks0fqwupWhyL7t2LbpWOPH02hd5Uxk_9tJE0SQoQacLXWgBqIY5nkInKF-VUrF7dzNRGlIusuH9_jU3RVVc&sig=AOD64_0bVEXiZhv9cjpeNGUJLhCrNHxUAA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjpmrrEttHqAhUEIbcAHT5hCVoQwg96BAgUEBI&adurl=
  15. R5 1600AF Rx 5600xt gigabyte gaming oc triple fan 16gb 3200mhz ram Games include:WALKING DEAD: SAINTS & SINNERS, HALF-LIFE: ALYX, etc Idk what inside out tracking is
  16. Hello, what is a good pc vr headset for $500 AUD or lower?tysm
  17. I used safe mode and it works completely fine in there so probably driver issue but idk which driver
  18. No i downloaded it from the gigabyte website but i dont think ill have enough time to download it before the pc crashes
  19. I have a gigabyte triple fan oc rx 5600 xt and im using the aorus engine driver for it, also i tried with another display and it done the same, also it always crashes within 1-4 minutes
  20. Ill try a different display now and get back to you
  21. No but i can use my bros laptop if that would help?
  22. Hello, recently my monitor has been randomly freezing for a few seconds then saying no signal and turning off, my pc and peripherals still stay on, lights on and fans spinning, i cant seem to dind the problem, ive already tried with hdmi and displayport and both do the same, i would appreciate if someone helps, tysm