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  1. ALBas126


    omg I am officially the stupidest man on earth thx so much for the help
  2. ALBas126


    oh because that did not work either so I thought that may of fixed it it did not
  3. ALBas126


    this is the video I used
  4. ALBas126


    I was trying to get back into coding and I was watching and following a long a yt tutorial what is the problem with this code? from tkinter import * root = tkinter() # Creating a label widget myLabel = label(root, text="Hello World!") # Shoving it to the top screen myLabel.pack() root.mainloop() the error I got said: Traceback (most recent call last): File "gui toturial.py", line 3, in <module> root = tkinter() NameError: name 'tkinter' is not defined ***Repl Closed***
  5. I wanted to make a pc and can you please check the parts I chose in pc part picker. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/AlBas126/saved/#view=CgBdD3 my budget was around 1,000 dollars
  6. I think its pretty good but if you can try to upgrade the 1660 to rtx 2060 or higher
  7. I used to download files from this website and it worked but now in the middle of the download it says 403 error. I opened up windows trouble shooter it gave me the same error so any help?
  8. thanks guysSpicyP suggested to fix my tabs and spaces maybe that will fix it but im still getting errors
  9. Hello I dont know if this was the place to ask for coding help but im new so please forgive me if it is not. I was making this script in python to send emails but for some reason it gives me an error can someone tell me whats wrong. its in python