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  1. What windows build are you using? Maybe you can try to update the windows to latest version or try the Windows high performance not the amd ones, because one of my friend had this similar problem turns out the problem is between the windows and the amd power plan and he is using the 1903 build version
  2. I'll get the sapphire one if i were you, the noise is pretty much the same if we look up at the HU review (around 42db for both @1600 rpm), and the sapphire one has the 14Gbps so i'll take those
  3. Technically yes it can, but only a small differences (for 2200G). In your case the CPU is definitely the limiting point, i suggest buying a 1600AF or 3600 if you are playing many mmo game as it helps with load time and stutters with many player.
  4. Hmmm, i do have almost the same exact setup before upgrading my cpu to 3600 though. I never tried other game u listed besides fortnite and pubg but well those two are working fine with me even though the cpu utilization is as high as possible (about 80-95%) and even 10+tab of chrome never caused a lag and stutter for me (only chrome and some music player). Maybe clean install windows or turning off vsync will help your problems or if not upgrading your cpu is also good as it is limiting your usecase now. And as far as i know, no, you don't need to re-install windows if only changing the CPU.
  5. Nice! Thank you so much for your time and answer, really appreciate it!
  6. Sorry if i'm too much bother to asking you. But isn't it in tier B, is it really okay to pair with that GPU (5700 XT) that consume over than 200W according on their website.
  7. Thanks! One last question, if i were to change to 5700 XT is it still sufficient?
  8. Hello, This is my first post, so i'm sorry if i made any mistake. I want to ask about my existing PSU, it is Be Quiet System Power U9 500W, the system that i was using now is a Ryzen 5 3600, B450-A Pro Max, 2 sticks of 8gb ram, 1 Sata SSD, 2 HDD, and a GTX 1060 6GB. If i want to upgrade my GPU to a RTX 2060 Super or RX 5600 XT or RX 5700 (Non XT) should i upgrade my current PSU or will it be able to handle that GPU? Thank You