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  1. I upgraded my ram from 2gb ddr3 to 4 gb every thing was fine and all, but the screen would randomly glitch out when ever i opened a new program or application and revert back to normal very quickly, i dont know what should i do, could it be the ram issue. Is my ram kinda loose or so? or is it a windows bug? Please reply.
  2. Thank you man! i am Asian so... Yea.
  3. I just have one 500 gb hard drive divided into c drive and other drive. To make sure should i make a backup of my files in G-drive? is it safe? Will it erase c drive with other drives like "d" or "F" ?
  4. I have a 32 bit os i wanted to upgrade to 64bit, I will use the bootable pendrive to install 64 bit os but do i need to erase all the files in the drive to upgrade to 64 bit? Will all the data in other drive be safe? plz reply..
  5. xtriz200


    Ok but, sometimes it get fixed when i restart the pc..
  6. xtriz200


    Its a cheap mouse with "GMS" written....
  7. xtriz200


    Can anyone help me!!?? My mouse just randomly does a 360 and also my mouse tends to lag my system hard. PLZZ HELP!!!!!!
  8. xtriz200


    ok one more question does it need to be connected to power supply? or directly? will 250 watts cann handle it?
  9. xtriz200


    Thank you, umm is it bottle necking?
  10. xtriz200


    Ummm,I am from Nepal and the economy is busted here BTW thankyou for your suggestion, i will buy gt 740
  11. xtriz200


    Yea i have a blue GPU slot
  12. xtriz200


    Wait a min i will check
  13. xtriz200


    Whats a PCle?