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  1. how can i use my driver then ??
  2. okay. but see this thing kinda work to make my laptop goes on without the driver on. How to finish this problem ?? T_T I just searching the information in youtube --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWMKS3A_0aU
  3. the screen just black and i go to disable the intel 4000hd driver again
  4. because i have lookout for some information and i just duplicate the same way
  5. i already try it and the screen goes black again helpp!!!
  6. i have done the boot mode then i just disable the graphics driver so the laptop can turn on without black scree. My question is how can i enable my graphics driver without having any black screen again. Cause i try to enable it and restart but it happen again.
  7. after i updated and i went to safe mode, my intel 4000 HD driver and i disable it so i my laptop can be activate again, if i enable it, the screen will have black screen. How i fix this problem ??? pls help
  8. i already do and the screen just great but i need to do it with disabling my intel hd 4000 driver do you know how do i fix it now??
  9. okay got it. After tdo it what i must do next ?
  10. i i have not try it, howto do it ??
  11. nope.after rebooting just go blackout