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  1. I have a logitech usb mic that i use and it stopped working once and i just decided to plug it in again for some reason and it started working and i re plugged it back in so i am able to stream and then it no longer detects me plugging it into the usb port and i tried different things on the usb ports and they all work so i dont know what the problem is
  2. yes it does and the system was prebuilt and was same day ready with all of the drivers and ive already updated
  3. also if you mean temp files ive already tried and have removed them
  4. the temps have been fine and ive already let it sit for a while and have restarted ive been trying to run the simpliest of games and get performance issues
  5. i used to get 240 fps no drops in fortnite but it now drops down to 60 randomly and i hate it
  6. My pc has an rtx 2080 super and an I7 10700k and is watercooled all of the sudden im getting performance issues in everything including minecraft and my pc will have a tiny beep every so often and i dont know what is wrong
  7. Thanks ill keep it in mind just gonna see if there are any MOBO CPU combos going around for a good price
  8. Any idea on what would be good to upgrade to though
  9. also if there are any good combos with ryzen CPUs with a motherboard which i see sometimes reply with it here please
  10. My system is an alright system in the specs 3200 speed ram 1660ti good cooling great power supply 700 watts so you would think with this i could run games well because when benchmarking a system with near specs it runs fortnite average 100 fps all epic settings, but here is the problem MY CPU IS A SECOND GEN I5 2320 so i average at 50 fps. I have a budget for my cpu of 400 dollars What should i upgrade too. It being a lga1155 socket hopefully there is something that is better