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  1. Your 3200G is much faster then the CPU he has now. Its cheap, me personally would get a 2700x if you want performance plus the best bang for buck CPU around. But ya for your new system 3200g, or am I going overboard with that NZgamer ?
  2. Yes if all he wants is a solid 60fps AMD 5700 or a 2060.
  3. Ya my bad sorry lol, I would get the 3600 or 3700 ...
  4. 2060 = 1080p video card. It will be 60fps locked.
  5. 8 Intel cores is enough Yes I like the latter of what you said. Grab the 3900x to be totally future proof. If you render all day or need it then 3950x ... But ya I think you will be good with 3900x those 4 extra cores as gonna make you future proof as well But honestly for a 5700 all you need is a 3700 or even 2700x ..... and theres the 9900k which would easily be the most powerful then the others.
  6. Get Media Player Classic, but I only use that for videos. For music I use AIMP ,, sometimes use JetAudio as well.
  7. You think it might be the PSU or even video card ?
  8. Grab a AMD 3900 or 3950 if you can offord it. It will be a good investment and you will be one happy gamer.
  9. Armen

    New to LTT

    Thank you soo much for the heart felt welcome. You rock minibois. Wow ok gotcha.
  10. Yes he gets a nice warranty on it.
  11. So you just need stereo you don't need 7.1 surround usb. Im sorry what is 300 in american dollar.
  12. Well ya 24 core or 32 core is fast, so is dual xeon chips 28c each. I don't need multithreaded as I dont work with premiere or any adobe app. If I was a hardcore video editor then ya rendering times TR will pown. I need about 6 cores max the other 12 cores will be parked as I don't do anything to peg it at 100 percent all cores. Single core the 10980XE will pown a TR core for core,,, but of course in rendering the TR will pown but since I dont do any AVX or video rendering I think 18 core is great for me for many years to come. Since I will be using 4 to 6 cores max on my workstation. Also my cousins husband works for Intel in Silicon Valley. They live in Oakland. He said he can give a good discount and whatever I need the price will be reduced since he works for them. Im thinking 800 dollars or so.
  13. Oh no Im sorry it is for a 10980XE I have the x299x and RAM , and rest of stuff I have already. Ive been waiting for 6 months to no avail. While the 3950x is in stock everywhere. Why is Intel doing this, I have no idea.
  14. So I got mobo and RAM almost 5 months ago and there is no sign of the XE Cascade Lake. Is it a hoax ? I read somewhere it will take until July, that is horrible. Im thinking of going AMD 3950x it doesn't look like we will ever see a 109xxXE.