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  1. was this your main drive where you had windows installed?
  2. looks good but wait for 3000 series cards to come out apparently a 3070 will double I believe the performance of a 2070 for less money. They should be releasing soon so now is not a good time to build a pc.
  3. Nividia recommends a 650w psu for the rtx 3070 but without testing not exactly sure
  4. Looks good I would go with an air cooler less maintenance and no need to deal with water leaks. Not the A500 though for air cooling I would go with the NH-D15 from noctua. As well as a 5700xt as they are cheaper than a 2070 super and have the same amount of performance. Would also wait because prices might be cheaper once the new cards release so its not a good idea to build right now as @jaslion said above
  5. This is what nividia recommendeds so I am just going off that
  6. yes everything is good except your psu Nivdia recommends a 750w psu for the 3080 see here. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/30-series/rtx-3080/
  7. So since this is a new build windows has not set the drive up. What you will need to do it go into create and format hard disk partitions, then you will see a drive that says unallocated space click on it and create a new simple volume and go through the setup here is a vid.
  8. assuming that you have mounted it from the top, what kind of case do you have?
  9. remove the aio and try and rotate it to get the air out, put it back in see if it still makes the noise if it does I would try and rma it if its still under warranty
  10. what games do you plan on playing because it all depends on the game and whether it is more cpu or gpu intensive you can't define the word bottleneck
  11. tank234


    thank you for explaining that I will be keeping that in mind!
  12. tank234


    not sure how bad the bottleneck would be as you can't really tell but it wont be that bad It depends on what games you are playing and if they are more gpu or cpu intensive @Fasauceome I am generally confused about the term bottleneck mind telling me what exactly it is and how you know you have it or will get it?
  13. it should be fine its not old only one gen old so far.
  14. possibly your psu but not too sure everything else looks to be fine
  15. yes but I would upgrade cpu first as you might have a bottleneck since the card is more powerful
  16. Yes when buying from ebay ask alot of questions to see if the person is genuine and to see if the card was abused. Look at the sellers ratings and see if they have many good ratings if they don't it can be a bit more sketchy. Buyers are usually protected from these situations though.
  17. If you are reinstalling windows the key when you re sign in with your microsoft account it should automatically link it back. Since the key is locked on to the laptop digitally. When you enter the screen though you must sign in with the same microsoft account that is on the laptop right now.
  18. ya you will have to reinstall all the drivers since you are upgrading the cpu and mobo I would do a fresh reinstall because if you just use the windows on the c drive already you might run into driver issues down the road.
  19. no did you purchase the key already?
  20. looks like it does https://www.corsair.com/us/en/intel-z490
  21. they have always been like that I have never seen a 2080ti sell for less than $1000 ever. Hopefully they come down in prices as the next gen comes out