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  1. yea but my graphic card is only 1060 nvidia so I will use them on 60hz it seems right? XD bcs I can only manage aroudn 60 fraps for example on warzone? https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/proart-display-pa278qv#:~:text=The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV is a great monitor for,than a typical 60Hz panel. how is this one? good choice or?
  2. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/asus-vg279qm-vs-asus-tuf-vg27aq/9768/1640?usage=9091&threshold=0.1 And this ones? I see that the 1080 one has much better black uniformity but they say that on 60hz he has an input lag of 35ms but the VG27AQ has some ghosting shit on response time or wtw... Its driving me crazy idk what to pick from these two now XD and the ppi is only 82 that seems rly low for 27 inces
  3. All of my thoughts exactly, I wanted odyssey one but it is curved for some uknown reason -.-, im now dealing betwent these 2 https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/lg-27gl850-vs-asus-tuf-vg27aq/912/1640?usage=9091&threshold=0.1
  4. Mhm so the resolution for example 27 inches and 1080hd is okay for example? or I would notice that PPi difference?
  5. Ok, I need to rephrase the question, I want to buy a pc monitor that is not shit with input lag and response times but what I rly need are better image quality, so what is the selling point I should look at? Should I get a 27 inch 4k monitor bcs of the PPI, or i should look at contrast and black uniformity, or colour gamut or wtw? What are the most important settings for my future monitor to looks the best when I watch movies, animes and when I want the game to look good but still not to be played like shit in terms of input lag ofc Sorry for my first badly written question. @Gaires for example should I search them by multimedia on your list or? @rice guru @seapriestess @Biomecanoid And tnx :))))))))) All the reviews talk about gaming monitors etc, but I want something that looks good first
  6. Soo I shouldnt go under 100 PPi for example? https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/vg279qm I was thinking about this one but it only has 82 PPI and why is brigthens more important?
  7. There is a lot of specs about monitors but can somebody tell me what is the most important one for image quality? More colors? Bigger PPI? Does going over 100 PPI make it a big difference or not? If you buy a 4k monitor with 27 inches and ppi is around 160 will all of the stuff you watch on this monitor or games you play even in 2k resolution in game be more detailed and better or?
  8. That is all. What is better for watching movies and gaming, Asus is more expensive by 80 euroes. Is it worth it? The black uniformity is important for me too. I hate backbleeding on the IPS pannels.
  9. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/tuf-vg27aq what do you think about this one? its 450 euroes
  10. a huge selling point for me is the backlight bleed, I heard some stories that the middle LG has rly bad black uniformity...
  11. Should I take ASUS TUF VG27AQ 525 euros, or LG 27GL850-B 460 euros, or LG 27UK650-W 350 euros or some forth option in that price range? I play all games, From Warzone to Hearstone and watch a lot of anime and movies, so that is the main thing I would use it for, probably the quality of the picture is the most important thing for me, with at least ok input lag and responsivnes for Warzone. Thank you for the help And ofc every euro is important if like the improvement is only 5% like who cares for 200 euroes
  12. Deus100

    I need help fast

    thought so too tbh. I cant find Ifi Zen dac
  13. maybe 1080p one because his GPU is 1050 so 2k gaming can be a problem?
  14. I have a friend in Brazil and hes an artist, he needs a monitor to play games and to see his drawings on, hes working with digital painting. So what do you guys think is the best budget monitor around 300 dollars that has like the best color accuracy (he is only a casual gamer dont want to be a pro or wtw) so he can work and ocasionaly play games. Ips pannel I guess? right?