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  1. Hi guys, I need some help diagnosing this issue. I bought a Samsung 32" c32jg50 monitor almost a year ago and a few days ago I noticed what appeared to be some dead pixels on the right top corner of the display. When I tried to count how many pixels were affected by looking at the them under the magnifier (to know if I could use the monitor's warranty) I noticed that none of the pixels were actually dead pixels as you can see in the attached images. I don't know what I actually have here since no pixels are dead or stuck but some subpixels seem to be less bright than some others(?). I don't really know if this issue has a name and whether this is going to be covered by the warranty. What do you think? Do you think Samsung is going to cover this issue by changing the monitor's display or won't they? Do you know what the name of this issue is or if this can be solved by some other method that is not changing the display? Thank you all in advance