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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a Ryzen 3 3200g on my GF's build, I overclocked it to 1700mhz GPU at 1.15v and 4.1ghz on the cores at 1.36v. In HW monitor or any other program, the graphics and memory clocks stay at the 1700mhz and 2400mhz without ever going down, is that normal that they would always be this high? Without overclocking they seem to go down to like 400mhz and only boost up to full when being used. My core clock speed is also always at 1.392v at idle, and only goes down to 1.36v when under load which I find strange. The PC has a good cooler on it and idles at 30c and goes up to about 65c at full load. Does any of this seem normal? Thanks!
  2. Interesting, but if it is being a bottleneck wouldnt the threadripper show 100% CPU Usage on all cores?
  3. Hi Everyone, My friend has a Threadripper 1950x and a RTX 2080ti, he mainly uses these for work purposes but does game with it as well. We are aware that the 1950x is not the best gaming CPU although when he plays Warzone with it at either 1080p or 1440p his GPU uses between 40% and 60% utilization and his CPU is always around 50% on all 16 cores. His FPS seems to be much lower than what I would expect for that system (Around 100fps) and we find it strange that neither his GPU or CPU is going to 100% utilization, he does not seem to be thermal throttling, has a 1000w PSU and 32GB of DDR4 2933MHZ ram 16, 18, 18, 38. Any idea what his bottleneck in his system is thats causing the CPU and GPU to only go to around 50% utilization? Thanks!
  4. When I go into other programs it reads the same, also in the BIOS it shows 1.392 (not on VCORE) but on the main menu where it shows a bunch of stats.
  5. I have just purchased a Ryzen 3 3200g build, the setup is as follows: - Ryzen 3 3200g - AMD Wraith Prism Cooler - 400w EVGA PSU - 3200mhz DDR4 8GB Ram - AsRock B450m Pro Mobo - 240 GB SSD I am in the process of overclocking it an had a few questions (I have attached two photos one is after running the OCCT GPU test and the other is the CPU test). My OC settings are as follows: - Vcore 1.36 - 4.1Ghz Clock Speed - 1.15 VID Voltage - 1.2 Igpu Volts - 1700Mhz IGpu Clock My question is, how come when idle (or when running the GPU stress test) my Vcore is at 1.392? No matter what I change the VCore to when the system is idle or not using the CPU cores it defaults to 1.392. When the CPU cores are all stressed as shown in the other photo the Vcore goes to 1.36 as set in Bios. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Do these voltage look safe overall for this system? Appreciate any help! Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, I just purchased the following build for my fiancés PC I am building her. I have built a few PC's and am pretty familiar with the process. The build I went with was as follows Ryzen 3 3200g AsRock B450M Pro 16gb DDR4 2400mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Single Stick (I had this lying around from a previous computer I build so put it in until I can get some 3200MHZ dual channel) EVGA 400W PSU 256gb Kingston A400 SSD The build went together well, and did eventually post. But two questions I had, the Ryzen 3200g stock cooler seemed very difficult to screw in, I had to put a very excessive amount of force onto the screws to get them to bite into the bracket, once they finally all bit into the threads they went on even. Do these normally require a very large amount of force on the screws to get them in, I kept hearing a clicking sound when I was turning the screw and it seemed to not even be moving down. The second and main reason I am messaging here is to ask, does anyone else have the ASRock B450 Motherboard, in the ram slots do both side clips open or only one? The manual says they both open, but I was unable after a lot of trying to get the other side open on any of the slots. One side clip opens very easily however the other wouldnt budge on any. Putting the ram in literally required me to put almost all my weight onto the motherboard and even then it never did really snap in properly. I was 100% sure it was in properly as it did post once it finally was jammed in. So my question is, do these boards usually require an excess amount of force to get the ram into the slots or does the second side latch open and I was trying to jam it in without that latch open (That's what it seemed like and the manual also stated they both opened but I was unable to get it to swing open). Thanks a lot for your help guys!
  7. Hi All! I have a question about my PC build, I built this PC around 3 years ago. I am a Computer science student and so do a lot of coding, video editing, 3d modelling as well as gaming. My current build is as follows; Intel i7 7700k Overclocked to 4.6ghz Evo 220 cooler ASUS Z270-A motherboard Crucial ballistix sport ddr4 2400 single ram 16gb stick GTX 1060 Overclocked to max before stability issues Bronze 550W EVGA PSU Now my question is, I am looking to make some kind of upgrade to my PC before I end up completely rebuilding it to try to get as much power from the system as I can before a complete new build is completed. I dont want to sink to much money into this system unless its a part I will use on my new PC I will be building within the next year. What do you recommend I do to this system to increase the speed without spending much? My current opinion would be to upgrade the RAM to 3000mhz and get two 8gb sticks to take advantage of dual channel. I have also considered upgrading the cooler so I can OC my CPU further, or possibly even doing a delid on it to lower temps and get a higher clock speed. My question is, would I be best to increase the speed of the CPU by delidding it or would the performance be minimal with such a slow RAM and only using single channel, do you believe the ram could be bottle necking my CPU? Thanks for your help!