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  1. Hey guys So I'm looking at the Huawei matebook and I like what it's offering and the price but on the fence about everything what's been in the news with Huawei. Has anyone got any advice whether I should buy it or not and if so any measures I can take not to get spied on haha
  2. Thanks for the help guys, going to get the g14
  3. Thanks guys What do you think on the MSI GF65
  4. Hey guys So I need a new laptop for school and work and hoping for it to be light and thin but also not break the bank. Not that fussed on the specs aslong as it will run games like COD, Valorant, ect at med settings 60fps I'll be happy. Looking for cheap so hopefully below £1000GBP Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys, I'll attempt it, if not my mother ilcan support 3rd gen ryzen, I will upgrade if it fails. Thanks for your help
  6. Hey guys New here :) i want to start streaming, I play games like COD, Division 2, overwatch and a few others. My PC runs the games fine but not sure if it'll handle streaming too, specs below Ryzen 5 1500x 16gb ddr4 msi 980ti thanks guys