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  1. I own a G613 and the user experience is quite good. But the quality of the switches (atleast in my unit) is very bad. I already have had 2 keys fail (double press on single tap). Now getting replacement G Romer keys is not as easy as getting replacement Cherry MX keys. So i repurposed the "G" series keys for the failed keys.
  2. Same issues here i have G603. I RMA it once thanks to a double click issue and now again the double click problem is back on the RMA device. But now it out of warranty so no more RMA.
  3. Hi Folks I am planning to buy the Dell WD19 180W docking station. But the USB C cable is short and i need to extend it. Is it possible ? 1. Can the cable be replaced some way with a longer cable 2. Can we add a adapter to extend the existing cable. (I searched but could not find USB C to USB C extension cable that supports 130W charging Thanks
  4. My concern is on the same on the charging current. - Will the battery draw too much current to blow the fuse of the UPS - If the current is limited on the UPS then will it take so much time to charge the battery that the entire setup becomes ineffective.
  5. Hi Folks I have a APC BACK UPS RS 550. This uses a single 12v 7Ah battery. I was wondering if it was possible to discard the internal battery and use an external SMF/VRLA 12V 75Ah battery. Would it work ? Would i have to modify the circuit in any way ?
  6. Your mouse should have Teflon pads underneath to prevent the mouse bottom from touching the mousepad and provide a smooth movement experience.Inspect the teflon pads of the mouse carefully and see if that is coming of the edges could be causing the issue. The edges of the teflon pad could also be causing the issue. Also generally dirt accumulated on the teflon pads which needs to be cleaned regularly.
  7. When you check in network connections what do you see in the "Wifi Tab"
  8. when you do ipconfig. do you get a valid ip address, Default Gateway Ip and Subnet Mask? are you able to ping to the default gateway mentioned.
  9. Technically it should. If you see line 2 of the note. the software creates a backup of all the configuration changed and reset should be able to get it back to original state.
  10. Assuming you are using TCP optimizer from Speedguide.net. Have you done the reset option from within the software? This hopefully should resolve your issues.
  11. Will there be any network users downstairs, if so then keep it downstairs and run a cable to your upstairs and terminate it into a switch there. If there are going to be no users downstairs then move the router upstairs and run a Ethernet cable from your modem to your router.
  12. Nothing a little superglue cant fix. put superglue in the centre of the key cap and carefully adjust it so that it is in the centre. Its not a long term solution, but it will buy you some time. Remember one thing. use very very little super glue (preferably the gel kind)
  13. My apologies. I mean to say do this on his computer and not laptop. I am assuming from your description that when the cable is connected to the PC also he cannot connect to the network.
  14. Lets troubleshoot one issue at a time. First issue is you cannot connect to the network using the cable and ethernet port. What happens when you connect the ethernet wire to the Laptop. 1. Does it recognize the cable, give the laptop and IP 2. If it does give you an IP is the gateway ip also populated 3. If gateway ip is populated can you ping the gateway/main router from you laptop 4. If so can you access the Admin page of the main router from your laptop. If your answer is yes to all of the above then there is no issue with the port.