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  1. This is the msi b450m-a pro max which is a micro atx board, unfortunately it’s got no debug LEDs. Considering hooking up a speaker to the mobo to try see if that tells me anything. I’m guessing that the GPU, motherboard or CPU must be faulty at the moment
  2. Yep, have tried using booting with just one stick and tried again with the other stick, still nothin I’m afraid. I guess that rules out RAM being the issue tho!
  3. Yeahh, the thing is I don’t get to that point. I can’t actually boot into the BIOS. The PC will turn on with fans spinning and the will just get no signal. It just stays like that
  4. Thanks for the reply, is a bios update easily enough done? This is all new to me.
  5. Hi, I’ve just finished my first build, however when I turn it on there is no display at all. I’ve ended up rebuilding the whole system and I’m getting the same outcome, even building it outside the case. The fans will turn (GPU fans won’t spin though) and the LEDs turn on, however there is no output at all. I’ve tried multiple monitors. I am plugging directly into the GPU via HDMI because there are no onboard graphics. The parts list is https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/9dvKGc I’m currently starting to wonder if anything was dead-on-arrival or there is an incompatibility issue? Cheers for the help, been trying with this all afternoon