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  • Birthday November 27

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    IT, Case modding, whitewater kayaking, gymmnastics , cross country and weight lifting.


  • CPU
    i5 3570k
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8Z77-M
  • RAM
    8gb 1600mhz Kingston hyperX fury
  • GPU
    r9 290 tri-x OC 4gb
  • Case
    Sharkoon t28
  • Storage
    2tb HDD, 128gb ssd
  • PSU
    Master 650W
  • Display(s)
    1680 x 1050 22" dell
  • Cooling
    stock Intel cooler
  • Keyboard
    Razer Lycosa
  • Mouse
    Razer DeathAdder
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate
  1. Potalien

    First Case Mod - Steampunk

    Jeez it's been a while since I logged into Linus Tech, sorry it's been so long between so long, but between exams, a two week holiday with no internet and then 2 website crashes when I've gone to update, it's been a bit mad. I hope the amount of progress (I bring pics ) that I've done makes up for it! For starters i removed the horrible front panel, cleaned up the window and removed the hard-drives / optical drive stack. I decided to flip the case upside down (psu at the bottom) primarily for the aesthetic, but also to help with the stability of the case. With that out of the way I decided to put all optical drive, hard drive and ssd at the bottom of the case with the psu. I've cut down the hard drive stack so its inline with the psu, then reattached it with pop rivets. The next step was to cut out a piece of acrylic to test the two paints I'm using, Rustoleum - Satin Black & White Knight - Metal Guard Brass. Here's the pics of the during and after shots: The next stage was to cut an acrylic cover to go over the psu, optical drive, hdd and ssd. This was remarkably easy to cut and only required a basic hacksaw. After measuring and checking it fitted I painted the rest of the case (minus the sides), which I was in the middle of doing when I ran out of paint. Here's a few pics of the painted case and the shelf, the side of the shelf is reflective as I removed the plastic cover to see what the finished piece would look like. The most recent step has been the cutting and mounting of the window and the custom front. The window was mounted with careful planning, a big drill and prayers . The bolts had to be cut shorter for both parts and a particularly complex frame had to be made out of firewood and g-clamps for support during the drilling stage. The front was carefully cut over the process of two days using an angle grinder and spending a lot of time sanding / filing the rough edges back by hand. After cutting a fair bit of copper pipe to 2 cm lengths and drilling the holes in the case and the panel I got the front panel mounted *phew. Sorry about the lens flares it was a pretty bright day and I was going on a run so couldn't stick around. Please bear in mind that the bolts aren't tightened, this was just to give an idea of what it would look like: I intend to paint the front as well as construct a new top panel and sides for the roof of the case (which is why the front panel is to tall for the case currently) I haven't yet painted the acrylic shelf and would like to get your thoughts on it. Beyond that I have to paint the copper pipers brass, cut out the optical drive slot, install dust filters and drill / attach mounting points for the fans on the front and roof of the case. I hope to create a custom mobo shield and gpu back plate at a later date but currently I'm just working towards getting my PC into its shiny new case. I hope to do some more work over the upcoming weekend but with school starting on the Friday I may not be able to get anything done. Thanks for reading Tim
  2. Potalien

    First HTPC build

    Any of the grey noctua line (can't remember there name) are very good when it comes to sound and cooling but they do come at a premium. Also as I'm sure you're aware your apu gaming performance is influenced heavily by the speed of the ram you're using. But I'm guessing that's not very important to you. I've got my HTPC setup with the media on one pair of raid 1 HDD and another pair acting as NAS. This gives me the security that if one drive fails the other will still have the data. Also depending on your media (bluray / DVD) and the amount of it, you may need more than 1 tb of storage. For every dvd expect to use up 1.5gb for bluray around 4gb or more. The only other thing I'd recommend is a custom cooler for the apu as they get HOT. I use an a10 5800k with a hyper 212 evo and my APU never goes over 50° C but I've heard horror stories of peoples APU's dyeing from overheating with the stock cooler.
  3. Potalien

    [YT] Goat MMO Simulator - Official Trailer (Patch 1.2)

    I'm more hyped for this than any other game getting released in the next few months. GTA V and Ubisoft be damned
  4. Potalien

    question for Australians about pccasegear

    Its certainly worth comparing prices with different products. Nearly all my components were bought through cpl except for the GPU which I got on sale at $60 off at centrecom and the case which I got through scorptec as they were the only one who had it in stock.
  5. Potalien


    This is my favorite hdd yet http://www.mwave.com.au/product/seagate-st2000dm001-2tb-barracuda-desktop-hdd-35-7200rpm-sata3-hard-drive-aa19744 Good value, 7200 rpm and I've got five of these bad boys and never had a single issue with any of them.
  6. Potalien

    Depression ways to deal with it...

    If you've had bad experiences with psychiatrists perhaps try seeing a psychologist. Earlier this year I was suffering from PTSD, sleep deprivation, extreme stress / anger levels and depression. (I won't go into why) I was very against seeking medical help (again won't go into why). After three months of this I ended up getting talked into seeing a psychiatrist who was immensely arrogant, incorrect and unprofessional (this is my personal experience and does not reflect on psychiatrists as a whole). After another 2 months of trying to fix it on my own, I ended up seeing a psychologist and he has helped immensely. I personally will never work with anyone who recommends medication when there are other ways around it. So I can understand your frustration there . The only other things i can recommend are finding something to get passionate about (for me it was PC gaming and building), make sure you have people around you who you know you can rely on to support you and you can confide with, (I can't understate how much this helped me) and make sure that you set yourself achievable goals to complete. Stuff like completing x amount of push-ups or reading x amount of books. Don't give up on professional help, there are idiots in every profession unfortunately with medicine most of them are arrogant too but there are good people out there, it just takes a bit of looking to find them. I wish you the best of luck and remember there's always people you can to talk to.
  7. Potalien

    Computer-related work experience?

    This is what I got from a quick google search or your area I also got this : http://www.freeindex.co.uk/categories/computers_and_internet/computer_services/computer_repair/ Between the two could you have a look and see if there's is anything in your area / anything you like the look of that might suit you. Sorry I can't do more at them moment, I'll have a closer look tomorrow and see if anything pops up. If you know of any places you'd like to look at. I'm happy to have a look for reviews and / or compare alternatives. Also ask your family / teachers / friends if they know of any tech stores near you that you can have a look at. I'll do some more research and get back to you tomorrow. Best of Luck!
  8. Potalien

    Any good qoutes that Luke has said?

    "And Microsoft's like, do you want to end it? and I'm like, of course its trash!" -Wan Show. Nov 14 2014. Talking about Assassins Creed Unity
  9. Potalien

    Computer-related work experience?

    Your best bet is probably just to go into your local computer repair shop, and ask if they'd be willing to have you on. Make a resume, be professional and show that you want to work there. You might not get any money from it but it doesn't hurt to ask and besides it'd be better you're doing something you enjoy and are not getting paid, then be stuck with a lousy job for a few weeks.If you're lucky they may offer you work afterwards.
  10. Potalien

    "Breaking the internet"

    Kim Kardashian has been posting photoshopped nudes of herself with the caption "break the internet" Its one of the more ridiculous things I've seen this week.
  11. Potalien

    question for Australians about pccasegear

    CPL is a cheaper alternative to PCCG that I used for my HTPC build. Generally all components were 10 -20 dollars cheaper. There customer service is apparently very bad but I never had any issues using them. I live in Melbourne though so I was able to go their store which simplified the process a lot.
  12. Potalien

    It's my birthday!~

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Potalien

    Who has the most unbalanced PC build?

    Haha no he ordered it from a custom building site which charged him $1600 for it. He was so proud of the Pc that he "built" that he went around giving people terrible tech advice for months, including me . Something about getting more ram will help my performance I think. Come to think of it I'm pretty sure his build had lights to.
  14. Potalien

    Things IT People Never Say

    I'm the IT guy for my family as well. This video is so true, weird laughing at things that normally have me smacking my head against the desk.
  15. Potalien

    Who has the most unbalanced PC build?

    I don't know all the specs, but I know a guy with a I7 4770k and a gtx 750 and insists its the ultimate gaming rig. At one point he was sure that vram was how you could tell how good a PC was and thought his 5 year old laptop with 2gb vram was better than his friends gtx 670. This was a year ago before he got his custom rig. He also insists it needs watercooling. Kids these days.