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  1. Hi! About a month ago i upgraded to rx 5700 from gtx 970. I installed CS GO and im getting.. 30-40 fps on dust 2 lowest. Mirage gets me 200+ some over 60 and some below 60. Which makes no sense. What i checked is that GPU is at 99% usage and cpu at 15%. CPU is Ryzen 1600x which is overclocked to 4ghz. I have 75hz monitor. What can i do? I tried parking cpu changing every settings i could,reinstalling and i did reinstall windows after upgrade. What can i do?
  2. Fps drops, And overall not FPS i should be getting since i have only half of those fps they show in benchmarks.
  3. Hi. I think i have wroten about it but i will once more. My RX 5700 is working really bad. It doesen't achieve that much fps like it should. I think my RAM is bottlenecking my system. I have overclocked my Ryzen 1600x to 3.95ghz (couldnt go any higher) and performance got better. My ram is 2400 mhz 2x8. So here is the question: Is it bottleneck? Or the GPU is working bad? What should i do?
  4. Hello. So i bought new GPU. RX 5700. Upgraded from GTX 970. But i feel like its heavily underperforming. When i saw other benchmarks they easily ran most games at 75+ fps. Meanwhile i cant run Far Cry 5 properly on high on 60. I think my PSU could be the issue. But can there be something else going on? This is my userbenchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/26780111. By looking at GPU you can tell something is off. My PSU is: Thermaltake 500W Smart RGB 80+ CPU: Ryzen 1600x Ram: GoodRam 2400mhz. I hope i can solve this fast because i barely see any diffrence in fps since this upgrade. Edit: 2x8 ram.
  5. Thank you for the answer! I thought i would need new PSU but it looks like i dont. Thanks again!
  6. So i'm buying new graphics card. But it needs 8+6. My PSU has 6+2. Can i make it work without 8+6? My GPU will be RX 5700. Im using Thermaltake Smart 500W.
  7. I just checked. Its Thermaltake Smart Series
  8. I don't even know really. People from PC service puted it in when i was getting 970
  9. Hello. Will i be able to run RX 5700 on 500 watts psu? I have Ryzen 1600x as cpu. I'm currently using gtx 970 with it. So am i good to go with 5700?