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  1. Target is to improve. More fps, less fps drops just like everyone. There is no firm goal just overall improvement. So either an easy overclock or purchase is fine. If you understand. I'm sitting at around 80-110 fps (around 100 being the average) in PUBG on low. Also, I forgot... 60Hz monitor. That should probably go to 144Hz first right? Even though I did notice same performance compared to a bit weaker setups with 60Hz.
  2. Hi, Bože here. I know there is a lot of subjects on this topic but if anyone has 2 secs of time to spare. Was wondering what I can do to further improve my gaming performances (PUBG, Warzone, RainbowSix Siege, FIFA--> most played games)? Asking about both overclocking and what next to buy (what is the weakest and first in need of upgrading)? Currently I'm using: - Gigabyte GTX 1070 8gb graphics car (overclocked in afterburner (just raised core clock and memory clock)) - Intel i7 7700K processor at 4.2Ghz - 30$ bequiet aftermarket cpu cooler (temps going from minimum of 60°C to about 82°C while gaming - 16 gb ram (8+8) Patriot - Raider RA550W power supply - have both SSD and HDD.