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  1. I’m using amd fx 6350. It was time for a new cpu anyway so who cares
  2. It didn’t tell me how much, there only was a +0,68V I think Edit: +0,68V was the highest
  3. So, I wanted to overclock my CPU and experimented around in the bios (my first CPU overclock btw.) and I cranked the CPU Vcore to the max because it didn’t work before (I got an boot fail) . Then I reseted the cmos (I put the battery out and waited 10 mins) now my PC is starting and my mouse and keyboard are lighting up (didn’t happen before the reset) but my monitor shows black (it gets a signal). I don’t think it doesn't boots in Windows because when I press the shutdown button it’s off almost instantly. Pls help and tell me if u need the specs