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  1. Cool. Thats what I was wondering. Thanks for answering.
  2. That is what I am thinking also. I am just not sure if there is a motherboard optimized for mmos.
  3. Intel core i7-7700 cpu @ 3.6 ghz 48 gigs of ram 64 bit Windows 10 motherboard Alienware 07HV66 A00 NVMe PC300 256 Gigs (i have an ssd for other games) please let me know what else I should mention
  4. I recently installed a 2080ti graphics card on my desktop and ran WoW. The frame rates are still struggling when in the open world or in a raid. So now I am wondering what kind of cpu can effectively run wow at high refresh rates. WoW is an old game that is not properly optimized to use multiple core cpus even with an update in the latest expansion that was supposed to fix it. Most of the time wow is maxing out a single core. So I am wondering what kind of CPU would run wow well (144 refresh rate in ultra) in 2020.