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  1. Well it's not bent CPU pins... Anyone else? Really dont know whats going on. I've reset CMOS by baterry and the two pin... Replaced the harddrives into sata 3 and 4 from 1 and 2 Reinstalled the GPU Turned on with one stick of RAM installed.
  2. Well... i might have to check it out. How did you unbend them?
  3. Built my PC yesterday. Worked fine. Identified all components - updated everything.. and drivers. Ran GMOD fine... But I did experience some *crashes?* when loading into World Of Tanks. I managed to quickly get into the game and change settings from Ultra to High... Lasted around 4 mins before again crashing The crash included the monitors loosing signal... the PC was still running.. the fans were turned to a much higher speed - Forcing me to hold the case power until it turned off. This happened about 4/5 times... THEN - I turned the PC on from one of these crashes... it runs (still does)... it detects a HDMI signal but does not display anything. I DID attempt to restart the cmos - with a paper clip on the jbat1. Anyone have simular situation or any solutions/suggestions? I'm kind of pissed off :(