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  1. Thanks a lot.. I just started programing and didn't know about tmux. I googled that and wondered.. That was very helpful .
  2. Thanks man.. That was very helpfull.
  3. Do i need to do something or just open multiple terminal and run programs and the karnel will handle everything?
  4. If i run some big programs in multiple linux terminal can they take advantages of multiple cpu cores? Or all the programs run in one cpu core?
  5. Yes.. Cx 550 is available.. I can go for it.
  6. Yes,, that ram i chosen is dual 8 gb. And which psu i can replace whith? ?
  7. Thanks for your advice. I can do that.
  8. I am going to pairing R7 3700x with a gt 710. I am going to do only programing in this PC with Linux terminal and vim. Not to play a single game at all. Can I pair that. And can a lot of terminal take advantages from multiple CPU cores? Attached my buld details.