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  1. Yeah very true, I guess I'll ask around there and wait for prices to drop or something, thanks a lot
  2. Yeah thats the thing I'm concerned about, its actually not even about the funds its just that i dont want to buy a CPU right now because the games i want to play are very single core oriented. (flight sims) Im hoping for cheaper single core performance basically
  3. Right i have a 1440p 100hz ultrawide monitor so i guess that should work out, great
  4. So I've been thinking about upgrading my pc in general, but I'd like to wait for the next ryzen generation cpu wise. This leaves me with upgrading my GPU and then switching it over once i have a new CPU. My current CPU is an i5-4690k oc'd to 4,5ghz so im getting pretty good single core benchmarking scores. Now im thinking about upgrading my current R9 390 to a RTX 2070super or a 5700 XT but im not sure how much my CPU will bottleneck me here. I want a good GPU tho because I'll use it with my later build for quite some time. Any thoughts?