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  1. Figured it out but idk if my solution is the best so I will need your input . I noticed my cpu was going from 8x multiplier to 47 x rapidly . Voltage was going up and down too but that’s normal cause it’s based on the multiplier . Anyways I found that my bios has a thing called intel turbo boost on . I turned that off and now my cpu stays usually at 30x since that’s the default . I’m not sure if this is hindering my cpu or not but I’m wondering if you know a better way to keep the cpu from doing what it was before . As of right now my computer hasn’t crashed after I stopped the cpu from doing that yay
  2. All the hardware seems to be fine but i found what is mainly happening. Volmgr 161 error than a critical error every time
  3. I think it might be the cpu but if you need i can download who crashed and give you the crash details
  4. Oemid mismatch . And i'm getting the bios from the motherboard builder's site ( i have also messaged in support if they have a custom one due to them not having f2a on the site, only f2b) Also my main problem is that i crash with a machine check expectation error when my pc should be fine ( only happens in certain games and randomly in those games)
  5. I've tried their latest bios update and still failed. Since i'm unable to go to best buy for repairs ( covid 19) i'm hoping to find the fix on here. Its not overheating as far as i'm aware nor do i have it over clocked as far as i'm aware. I'm able to run most games fine expect for a few .
  6. i'm not sure if this is helpful but the crash address is ntoskrnl.exe+1c2380
  7. system is prebuilt by ibuy powered pc. the pc has run all other games fine and even runs some on max settings which makes it hard to figure out what the problem is
  8. it also wasn't the ram since it ran with no problems in memtest
  9. So which download would I need for that one if it’s not the f2b . Is the motherboard different to the model said in system info?
  10. I have the b365m ds3h WiFi f1 bit won’t update . I’m also hoping this will fix my machine check expectation crashing with Hal.dll
  11. My new-ish computer has been running fine on all sorts of games even to be running on max settings with no problems. recently I've downloaded a new game risk of rain 2 and also updated in the last week or so on new windows updates. now my old games that i already had installed were fine but two new games ( risk of rain 2 , and Armello ) on all setting or low settings will crash with a machine check expectation error BSOD. I'm really confused on why this is happening when my specs for my computer are fine. I've even had reinstalled my nvidia graphics card and its still occurring. intel i7 - 9700F @ Cpu 3.00GHz . installed ram 16 gb. Gigabyte mother board and a rtx 2070 super.