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  1. @SansVarnic, that is the video I saw last year. I have to decide between trying that awesome approach or going for something simpler but possibly not as great. The main thing is I need to make sure before going down a road that it is not a dead end. It looked to me like that video stakes out a non dead end road but I would guess not all trying that route would necessarirly be successful, because of the complexities in setting up some tricky parts.
  2. @SansVarnicand @Metallus97, Thank you for the leads. I will be taking a close look at the information shortly.
  3. When I checked last year, the hardware I wanted to use was not looking like a wise path, given that I am not doing this build for the fun of it. I have not even looked at CPUs since then, but I was thinking the best platform would be one of the new monster cpus from AMD. I did not find a lot of support for making that work, so I have been swallowing hard, bracing for the possibility of being stuck with an overpriced Intel. The work I do is programming. I made some videos for youtube but I am not a cinematographer. I have been suffering with iMovie and suspect I would make life better by upgrading to .. is it final cut pro? I have an inexpensive samsung 4k monitor that suits me fine, I should upgrade the graphics card from the one I have now. I have two ssds, one is SATA the other is PCie but the slow kind that works in Mac5,1. So I will be looking for a 1T or 2T SSD and keep the four 8T hard disks I run for mass storage and backups. I run Linux VMs on the mac to do my work and push updates to virtual servers in various cloud locations. The main VMs run on SSD and VMs used for backups run on HDDs Current rig:
  4. I am looking to use information on a Linus video to make a Mac with, I believe the correct term would be "customized hardware configuration." Picture a new MacPro pimped with a lot of memory and hard drives but not entirely made from parts your friend and mine, Tim Cook, would give his strongest endorsement. I have not ruled out the possiblity of including at least one component of Apple hardware. The keyboard and track pad are two Apple components with the highest chance of being part of this new system. On April 19, 2019, Linus and another really smart guy put a fantastic video on youtube, explaining how to turn any PC into a MAC. The best part was the detailed demonstration and discussion of how virtual machines can be used to produce a machine that is fast, and how doing it wrong can produce a slow machine on the same hardware. The reason for considering custom hardware has nothing to do with cost. I just cannot afford $25,000 for a new computer. Is that video the latest and last word from Linus on how to setup the virtualization? Any pointers you can provide will be extremely much appreciated. Thank you.