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Everything posted by crazydog2580

  1. Just purchased plane tickets for my honey moon later this year Sydney to Singapore Singapore to Phuket Phuket to Sydney
  2. Hi All, I have a problem with my banking website www.stgeorge.com.au I can't access it while connected to my home internet. it just times out. I can access it when using my work VPN with my home internet. I have rang iinet and tried to resolve this with no luck. this issue also affects phones and well any devices connected to the Wi-Fi things I have done, Reset router (many times) Checked packet size its set at 1492 Even tried using ie I normally use chrome also tried using my fiancée's Imac Checked host file (not that I really knew what to look for) Tried to reach the direct IP any ideas? I will do my best to try your suggestions however im still a fair noob with computers. Thanks in advance Crazydog
  3. Just got these I'm on the road a lot in Sydney for the front window and for the rear window
  4. that's NBN its pretty good i pay 79AUD month for 100down 40up 200gig (100gig peak 100g off peak)
  5. yeah i do the same with longer videos. alot of the stuff i watch these days seem to be lets plays... i think this has to do with that i really want to play these games but cant afford buy a gaming rig atm,
  6. Sounds stupid but I think im addicted to youtube. Its affecting my work and normal life. Id probly watch between 4 and 9 hours aday. Anyone else have this problem? Or think its even a problem?
  7. I bought these to extend my desk temporarily Two legs / one top
  8. if you want to then do it. nothing wrong with having a console
  9. currently drinking a bottle of Johnnie walker Blue label one of my favourites as for a cheaper drink jack daniels / jim bean black are my main drinks
  10. this is the worst beer i have ever had just thought i need the share that....
  11. DUFF MAN! I have low expectations of this but I mean how could I not.
  12. that's something i didn't even think about
  13. yeah I know that for calls it needs to be the right way up.. but honestly I rarely take calls I mostly just surf web pages/youtube (yes I know it just is not designed for only me but who really uses a note3 manly for phone calls)
  14. Why is it that you can’t use a phone upside down? I mean why doesn’t the screen image rotate 360degrees? I always pick my phone up upside down (note3) I see no reason why it shouldn’t rotate 360
  15. as an x Baker/trucker now working in a office controlling my cursing has been very difficult. i have been pulled up on it a few times by upper management
  16. this use to happen a hell of a lot at my high school its nothing new
  17. recently Linus has been annoying me in his videos constantly refreshing his phone while recording. I know why he does it as he most likely either has notes or a stopwatch running be still... would It be that hard to have a monitor/TV setup with what running on it. I mean the guy has a house full of gear.
  18. I use this one its not to bad and i replace after 10months on warranty they give you a new chair and a new 12month warranty http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/hummingbird-york-high-back-plush-chair-black-owyorkhb
  19. got this yesterday for the misses she dropped her s4