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  1. congrats that's awesome nothing better then owning your own home!!
  2. back when I had a 2000 Holden Clubsport r8 it had a few things done to it nothing to special, i had it off the clock 250kph the gps reading was 272kph heres a 0-100 in that car, I miss it badly
  3. pretty sure i am safe its not like i gave directions to my place or suburb
  4. Thanks, to be honest ill probably buy a boat next! need to get outdoors a little more
  5. I'm getting married in 3 weeks. so that has consumed all of my money for the last 9 months.
  6. my note3 looks like that on every corner i still cant believe it has not cracked yet. i use to own a iphone4 dropped it once and it was stuffed
  7. never have taken a test, I work in a building full of engineers, I must say they are the smartest bunch of of dumbasses I have ever met.
  8. Well I moved out of home just after I turned 15.. and before I moved out if I didn't work for it I didn't get it(cloths food and all). I have always worked hard for every thing I have, its been alot easier since me and my g/f got together 5ish years ago. its "our money now" I am still yet to buy a real pc though but i will in good time.
  9. i got some stuff to fix a down pipe on my house (I Should have done this 12 months ago) and some weed spray the builders never connected it to anything after digging around i found where it was meant to be connected to why they wouldn't have done this simple task i don't know, it wasn't even covered i did that after i found it full of mud and it started raining just as i dug the hole.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Campbell-Hausfeld-FP209499-3-Gallon-Compressor/dp/B002O15NRS/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1410815061&sr=8-5&keywords=air+compressor something like this is what your after
  11. bad choice no pressure tank its not going to do what you are after
  12. this would be terrible as it doesn't have a pressure tank it just blows at the rate of the compressor.
  13. i have a work phone i use that all day every day screw using my own phone. its a Nokia 6120 im thinking of upgrading to the iPhone they have now but its just such a good phone for what i use it for, battery still lasts like 3 days min.
  14. to be honest I have no idea what my isp offers. I called they said they can do fiber I said ok here is my credit card. deal done im with iinet
  15. yeah it is however, it cost a bucket to run and I wanted a house and other things in life. I have every intention of buying a new toy in the future I just need to wait yeah its a really good little car I've had it about 4years bought it for 5k I've done about 50000km in it and haven't had to replace anything, except brakes and new tyres and one $60 sensor. it gets 6.2L per 100km. id almost consider buying a new one when this one dies.
  16. what i use to drive and miss so badly 2000 Holden Clubsport r8 5.7L 6spd What I drive now 2013 Jeep compass My14 I also have a 2007 Hyundai getz as a run around car and also i have a work Ute every fortnight i think its a 2013 ford falcon we change that every 4 years.
  17. my work has a few of them they are pretty cool
  18. I work nearly 80hours a week I don't have time for games at the best of times(nor do I have a system that can play anything). and when I do get spare time lately it has been consumed by wedding planning with the misses. yes I procrastinated a little on this one but ive also put at lest 30hours into it myself.
  19. ill have to wait and see still editing now so hopefully its changed enough not to be a problem. the assessments are competency based as well
  20. don't get me wrong half of it is mine the other half is his from 4years ago most of the things ive copied are site pacific and haven't changed at all
  21. they have not asked for sources as most of it is basically site pacific and about the building I run. also a lot of it is just referring to company docs
  22. so I'm currently studying a facilities diploma and my boss gave me his assessments from 4years ago. I've completed the first assessment copying a lot of the martial from his one, some of it word for word. its one of those things where he had the right answer changing it would make it wrong or irrelevant . do you think this will cause a problem when I submit it? its due Tuesday next week and I'm a little stressed lol I have a feeling it is going to be the same assessor as he had 4years ago. I haven't studied any thing since I left school in year 10 (apart from a trade at tafe but that's not real studying) give me your thoughts