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Everything posted by crazydog2580

  1. ikea is where I got mine from nice and simple
  2. ahh Google... I had ltt open its basically google but with sass
  3. thanks its been bugging me I have a lot of stupid friends that keep sharing this crap
  4. ok so lately I've been seeing a lot of short clips with this edited over them. can someone tell me where its from and why its suppose to be funny?
  5. The ideal life... I would have my own successful company. I get satisfaction from working hard and earning my money. I am already married so that box is ticked. I would have race car and a garage full of all sorts of cars Mainly muscle cars though I would be fit and healthy. I think that's about it
  6. I have no idea what thanks giving is about and I am to lazy to look it up
  7. well one is blue and the other is half brown half blue
  8. my current laptop was 1200AUD and I also bought my wife a 27inch imac that was 3600AUD
  9. This may be a little controversial
  10. 1.get a kebab full of questionable meat 2.spew 3.drink a lot of water 4.pass out 5.realize there is no escape from a hang over
  11. oh I also bought these 4 bar stools last weekend
  12. I bought all this last night for my sisters kids xmas gifts... she has 5 kids
  13. The Christmas bonus will be paid and here is your pay increase letter.
  14. they are normally down but I was rocking out to some good tunes just before
  15. MY ears! I have in ears and they where cranked!
  16. this guy is awesome ive been subbed to him for a long time
  17. well I've reached a lot of my life goals. I'm married, own a house, own two cars, have a career. as someone who left home at 14-15 I think I've don't pretty well so I'm not to worried if I never get any of these except number 1 & 2 that's happening for sure 1. Buy a wakeboarding boat something from the Malibu series not sure which one yet (maybe a Wakesetter VTX they are about 100k) 2. Build a gaming pc 3. Buy two more house's one as an investment and the other one a upgrade to my current, so I can use my current as an investment as well 4. Buy a New landcruiser ( http://www.toyota.com.au/static/vehicles/landcruiser-200/content/pdf/landcruiser200_ebrochure.pdf) 5. and travel more of the world that's all I have atm
  18. http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/ a card game to play with your mates im asking for this for xmas
  19. I am 3 months more senior on this forum so technically you stole my avatar :angry: