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  1. Soo I just smashed the glass on my note 3. were is the best place to buy a replacement screen kit? Id like to give it a go myself. ebay have a heap but its all over the place from 2bucks to like 40bucks im in Australia
  2. Indian. screen shot from the wife's Facebook as I am a man and don't take photos of food. Butter Chicken Makhanwala Tandoori chicken tikka (boneless) in buttery tomato makhani sauce, flavoured with fenugreek and saffron. Lamb Vindaloo Diced pieces of lamb cooked in hot Portuguese sauce. Aloo Gobi Made with potatoes, cauliflower and a great blend of spices. Rice and naans drink was a mango lassi edit: just noticed this post was from yesterday
  3. I just click the "Special BBCode" button next to the font box and choose media paste link into Media URL box and done.
  4. I don't really have favourites but these 3 are up the top for me.
  5. ring some local bricklayers/builders/landscapers and say you will work for cash
  6. 40 now. but my old job as a truck driver I would constantly work 75-80hr's a week
  7. my job title is "Facilities support officer" basically I just manage different contractors to maintain 4floors of office space, 2 car park levels and 1 plant room.
  8. care to Elaborated ? most company's are cost cutting something.
  9. ill have talk it over with the wife again and see what she thinks. I am going on holidays in a month I think ill hire a pair and see what she thinks of having her own she normally just likes to ride along on most things.
  10. I have thought about this but the cheapish build of the sparks puts me off. if I were to buy a pair it would be a pair of gti130's I think... im a fat guy 125kg so I think I need a little more power then the sparks lol
  11. will be buying new. what models do you have?
  12. im shocked you chose the cheapest one. im not a fan of the way the Kawasaki's look... but ill be heading to a dealer for them just to have a talk to the guys about them in general
  13. I guess that's a fair point I believe sea-doo are also world wide though...I could be wrong
  14. yeah at first I was thinking Yamaha but they don't seem to have a closed loop cooling system and that slightly puts me off
  15. Recently I've been thinking about getting a jet ski. My first question is which brand should I go for sea-doo or Yamaha? My main place would be on the Nepean river Sydney but id like to do some salt water rides every now and then. I'm thinking brand new 2015 model. As I have never been one for buying anything second hand. I've spoken to one sea-doo dealer and I felt that he was just up selling me. Really I'm just not sure what model I should start with. I haven't been on a ski in almost 15years. I have the money to buy top of the line but do I really need a 260hp super charged monster? Id like a 3 seater sit down something the wife can use as well the gti130 looked ok? fyi GTI130 http://www.seadoo.com.au/pwc/gti-130.php
  16. if you were decent you would at lest allow ad's on this site...
  17. my current cars are not good enough to be proud of:( i have a 2014 jeep compass and a2007 hyundai getz but here is a video of my old car in a 0-100 i used to own a 2000 vt hsv r8 5.7 6speed
  18. Added my old TV from the shed and the ps4 my wife got me for Christmas
  19. A ps4 because I was to lazy to tell my wife what pc parts to buy for my first pc
  20. i desperately need a new clutch at the moment, sad thing is a new one cost 1/4 the price of the car (Hyundai Getz) I took out road side assist with free tow, so i can run it till its dies then ill replace my latest purchase was a Szechuan Chicken for dinner.. no pic
  21. that trip down memory lane wow I had it muted and just watched the clip
  22. crazydog2580


    very subjective here in Australia you do not need to go to uni for a well paying job. if you work hard you can easily find your self earning oh id say 70-110k a year but normally as your career grows you will need to do some study to take the next step up the chain. I dropped out of school year 10 and now im studying a facilities management diploma as my career path will need this to continue. on a side note its very unlikely you will pick your full career at a young age im a qualified baker pastry chef, who has a HR truck licence, and also can glaze and install windows (not the os timber windows)