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  1. Oh okay I didnt know that! Thanks for the info And also, I will probably contact support now that you say it (contacted the place where I bought it, it might take some time) But thank you for all the help, I really do appreciate it! Have a great rest of your day
  2. I used all my power and im pretty swole i contacted support so hopefully I will get a new case anyways (if I dont find a fix that is) And yes, thats exactly the one im talking about, what are those screws called?
  3. I have already tried this for 1-2 hours sadly, with no luck... Also for the screws part, I meant inside the case. Its a weird screw, not the phillips one (have mulitple of these). The screw is small and round
  4. I cant seem to take off the metal side panel on the Phanteks P300. I've tried pulling it (after unscrewing the 2 screws there are) but it still wont come off.. not sure what to do? Also have another question, what is the screws that is in the case? (to secure my motherboard) I dont seem to have that kind off screwdriver so I think I will need to borrow one from a neighbour, but I dont know what that kind screwdriver is called.