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  1. Yeah I was gaming on 1080p, usually it was good. Once I had a gtx 780 in SLI, long time ago I understand you, sadly i am really tightened with money
  2. Thank for the reply. Imho the laptop is great, sadly memory is not upgradable
  3. Hi everyone. I would like to ask for your honest opinion about the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM431DA-AM001T, it looks like it has a Ryzen cpu with an integrated GPU, 8GB of RAM DDR4, this laptop is not intended for gaming, just for casual everyday (document writing, movie watching) work with some 30+ google chrome tabs opened. Not more not less. I don't really want to spend a lot of money for this laptop as it is going for my wife. I am just a little bit curious about the amount of memory. Thanks for your help.
  4. Well I am not a hardcore gamer anymore. Just casual. Maybe 1-3 hours some day in a week, but not everyday and not all the time. In my initial post I have described the idea of the use of the monitor.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I hope other will also join the conversation. If not, then I will completely take your word
  6. Thank you for your reply. "Future proofing" in my context was, that when I am gonna buy the upper mentioned GPU's I am not going to invest in GPU for like 2-3 years from now on. So if I am going to stick with the GPU the the monitor is going to be it's buddy. So when I really like to push the titles upper mentioned on ultra to high presets (settings), then I wanted to know with multimedia, movies, browsing included which of those monitor is going to be better for me. Because I don't really see the option for those GPU's to push FPS to 120-144 like to monitors are capable.
  7. Hi everyone. I would like to ask for your opinion, regarding a monitor, which I would like to buy. My main plan is to have it future proof for 4-6 years. My main purpose is to use it mainly for browsing, multimedia, and casual gaming (GTA V, StarCraft 2, Doom, Witcher 3, Fifa 20, Mass Effect 1-2-3, Star Wars The fallen order, etc). I like to play games with high to ultra settings, the GPU which I am intended to use is RTX 2070 series or Radeon 5700 XT series. My idea is that if the 4K is going to be the winner from your side, then the gaming is going to be used on FullHD, even so I have 4K monitor. Thank you for your kind answers.