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  1. On your “more specifically this one” do I have to download them both? If so, how? I’d assume download them on another pc and plug in a flash drive with the drivers on it into the pc, but then how do I like extract them and actually install them?
  2. Hi all, as title mentions I cannot connect to the internet at all using the wireless adapter. I have a ASUS ROG Strix B550-E gaming with Intel WiFi 6 AX200, with an antenna. I can’t access the internet and when I click on the no internet icon on the bottom it says “Network & Internet settings” then under that says “Change settings, such as making s connection metered” It shows no available connections at all and I’m at a loss. Been trying to figure it out for an hour now and can’t find anything.
  3. I’m taking that as I click ‘ok’ for it to change the fan from auto to dc?
  4. But then that’s where the initial question I had was, do I click ok on this or how do I change it to pwm, but I’m pretty sure it’s already in pwm mode
  5. How do I do that in here? https://imgur.com/a/W3hxRDA
  6. Oh yes, here you go https://imgur.com/a/XJcdlQ6
  7. Never went into bios before, I’m using all LL120 fans from Corsair, I was about to install windows but then when I went to exit and save this popped up and I don’t know if I should click yes or change something.
  8. It wasn’t the motherboard, ended up being the GPU came DOA, I’m using a GT740 as a temp GPU and it booted up into bios fine today
  9. Oh yes sorry, forgot to post specs; ASUS ROG Strix B550-E gaming motherboard G.skill trident z 16gb 3200Mhz Ryzen 7 3700X ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 super advanced 8gb Samsung 970 evo 1TB Corsair HX850 platinum power supply Everything is spinning and on, including the white LEDs where the PCIe cables plug into the graphics card, the graphics card LEDs are ok and the fans are spinning. I haven’t tried running a single stick of memory yet. I’ll try that now. The HDMI cable works fine as it was working perfectly with my laptop yesterday, and it is plugged in firmly to the gpu and it a tad bit loose on the monitor end, but nothing seriously loose.
  10. I called ASUS support and went through a few troubleshooting steps with them and nothing worked and they said my motherboard was defective. I sent it back to amazon for a replacement and have built my pc again, only this time to have nothing changed. Screen turns on to ‘HDMI NO SIGNAL’ then goes to sleep. No QLED LEDs show after a minute of starting the system. The only one to last longer than the others is the BOOT QLED but then it turns off. I have the Qcode AA, which from what I’ve read means that it transitioned into ACPI mode, which means that it was handed over to the operating system. I don’t know what I can try at this point.
  11. Called asus support, did CMOS, didn’t work, they confirmed it’s defective and now it’ll take 2 weeks for me to send it back, have them repair it, and send it back. They said 7-10 business days.
  12. Okay. So just to be clear on steps, I remove the battery, (after unplugging everything) hold down the case powerbutton for 30 seconds, the put the battery back in and turn on the pc?