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  1. I bet it can fit in it and there will be space left unused
  2. sorry that pc's name is "compaQ portable" and I misunderstood fun fact: you can sit on this one ahahahaha
  3. I perfectly know that it is not compact, however I think that being able to bring around "easily" a computer like this is great
  4. Summary Here comes a portable pc with an enclosure coming from the '80-'90. The basic configuration outperforms most of the computers around, and it comes with a Threadripper-3990X too. Quotes My thoughts Quite strange to be able to bring around a computer with these horsepowers, however it can be used to work on-site (i.e. update a realtime application on the fly, CAD, ...). A bit worried about the temps and cooling system though. Sources Mediaworkstations.net (Producer) techspot.com tom's hardware [ITA]
  5. damn I guess you're right sorry everyone sorry @Kilrah when I saw "16 screens", I immediatly thought about Linus inside the circular wall and rushed here
  6. Matrox D-Series D1450 Quad HDMI Graphics Card I really want to see what Linus can come up with this graphic card what if he uses 2 and has 32 FRICKIN SCREENS ALL IN SYNC? can he 1up the game and play on 64 screen wall? maybe setting them as a circular wall and stand in the middle of it, and basking in the light of what he has created? @LinusTech do you accept the challange? it would be glorious to see it
  7. I was wondering if Linus would get some itches for the opportunity to cool even the ram sticks with this new AIO from thermaltake and if cooling them will improve the system performance link
  8. Hi everyone I was thinking on a test or benchmark or comparison between Routers divided in categories like cheapest, madium grade, and beast-masters. Now that we are all at home, some in self isolation and some forced to (Like me in Italy), I think it would be kinda helpful to any of us who wants to upgrade the home network to make the isolation a bit more comfortable and improve our SmartWorking or studying condition. I really hope to see this kind of video. As always, amazing channel and community