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  1. dOug

    Another Haf X

    Looks good. I think the tubes have great curves.
  2. dOug

    Nautilus Reactor

    Really cool. Your craftsmanship and creativity are top notch.
  3. Looks good. I think the tinted window would look good with some internal lighting.
  4. My first build - 2003 vintage - AMD Athlon 1700 based system (I think). Home made case window (yes...flames), homemade fan/light switches. I'd do thing differently today.
  5. dOug

    Project DisplayGRID

    Very cool!
  6. dOug

    Bitfenix shinobi case?

    I have the regular Shinobi case but no water cooling. You should check the 6-hour mod challenge from Tiny Tim Logan.
  7. Wow. Looks awesome. I love seeing all that empty space in a relatively small case; very clean!
  8. dOug

    My 350D

    Nice job. Great specs and I really like that case.
  9. dOug

    Blue & White Shinobi Case [repost]

    Hey guys - thanks for the recent comments. The sleeving is MDPC and I sleeved extensions. That's why you see the original PSU cables. Has anyone noticed I mounted the hard drives backwards? Helps it look more clean.
  10. dOug

    so I bought a D-Frame

    Looks nice still
  11. dOug

    so I bought a D-Frame

    Nice. Did you make the cables?
  12. dOug

    Project: I wish I came up with a name

    Really like the fifth photo of the CPU cooler. Great job.
  13. dOug

    My first custom build PC - budget gaming

    Cool looking case. Thanks for sharing.
  14. dOug

    Fast Food in other countries

    Texas BBQ. Brisket.