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  1. dOug

    Another Haf X

    Looks good. I think the tubes have great curves.
  2. Really cool. Your craftsmanship and creativity are top notch.
  3. Looks good. I think the tinted window would look good with some internal lighting.
  4. My first build - 2003 vintage - AMD Athlon 1700 based system (I think). Home made case window (yes...flames), homemade fan/light switches. I'd do thing differently today.
  5. I have the regular Shinobi case but no water cooling. You should check the 6-hour mod challenge from Tiny Tim Logan.
  6. Wow. Looks awesome. I love seeing all that empty space in a relatively small case; very clean!
  7. dOug

    My 350D

    Nice job. Great specs and I really like that case.
  8. Hey guys - thanks for the recent comments. The sleeving is MDPC and I sleeved extensions. That's why you see the original PSU cables. Has anyone noticed I mounted the hard drives backwards? Helps it look more clean.
  9. Nice. Did you make the cables?
  10. Really like the fifth photo of the CPU cooler. Great job.
  11. Cool looking case. Thanks for sharing.