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  1. Ryzen isn't a horrible option, I just prefer Intel as it is what I am use to and have more experience with.
  2. My budget is a little flexible, but nothing more than $350 ish. I don't already have the 9900k, but it is what I am planning on getting. I mainly game, some more intense than others. So something in the middle would be good.
  3. So I'm building a new PC, and technically this will be my first that I have built completely by myself. I know motherboards aren't something you want to cheap out on, and need some suggestions. Looking at Intel Motherboards for an i9-9900k. Any suggestions? I do a lot of gaming, some high intensive some not. So something in between is good. I was looking at the MSI Z390 ACE. thank you in advance!
  4. Do you like having the liquid cool? Was it worth the switch? If I go with liquid cooling I was going to get a Kraken x63 too, I really want the Z but that's an extra $100 I'm not willing to spend, lol.
  5. Well and that's the thing and why I am struggling to decide. I really enjoy the look and how quite it is and how effective it is. I'm not really concerned on the price. I've had problems in the past with overheating, even with a bunch of fans and an air cooler.
  6. I am going to admit, watercooling is something I don't know a ton about. While building my new gaming pc I can't decide if I should go the route of water cooling. But you here stories of tubes breaking and ruining your computer kind of things. Now I'm sure the likely hood of that happening is slim, but could still happen. So what are some pros to watercooling and cons? Should I do it?
  7. Ok, thank you. That's what I was lean towards but wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts on it.
  8. Sooo the time has come and I am finally rebuilding my gaming PC. I am huge on looks and what it all to be matching (or as matching as it can be). Price isn't a huge problem, but wanting to keep somewhat reasonable ish. Here's the two that I am looking at The ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER and MSI GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING X TRIO I like that both have RGB (thats part of the theme), but here's where I struggle. The ASUS is roughly $100 more, but it is more matching to theme and I like that it is black. Butttt the GPU goes face down anyways and all you really see is the side (kind of). So realistically is it worth getting the asus? Thank you!!