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  1. i dont have laptop sir, my pc is with ryzen 5 2600 , 16gb ram 3200 psu 650 rx570 powercolour 4gb
  2. I am very sad because my new 2600 reaching at 90celsious while gaming(gta v) stock fan stock settings. any solution?
  3. thanks, do i need to close chrome and other programs that run on backround while benchmarking?
  4. gianniscfa RX 570 4g POWERCOLOUR RYZEN 5 2600 stock 16GB 2X8GB RAM 3200MHZ at 1080p monitor tested at 1440p too also my OS is windows 10 64bit , not windows 8 as the screenshot claim it is. for more screenshots, about CPU-Z GPU-Z etc : https://imgur.com/a/jxXERV6/
  5. hi they while gaming at GTA V my cpu and gpu are getting too hot at the default frequencies ofc and stock fans. my cpu is RN5 2600 and gpu rx 5704gb POWERCOLOUR. my mobo is tomahawk pro max. The temps are scaring me they getting at 70celsious. what can i do?
  6. your adapter have integrated audio "cable"?
  7. Thats what i thought too, Just in case you never know.. Also in the second monitor i will have open Facebook, discord, OBS etc etc while streaming. My question is if with second monitor my system will strugle or not. My pc's specs: RX 570 POWERCOLOUR 4GB RN5 2600 Tomahawk pro max 16 gb ram 2x8gb 3200mhz. 250gb ssd 500gb hdd first monitor ultra wide by LG at 29inch 75 hz second monitor LG 720p i think yes. PSU: Corsair TX-M Series TX650M
  8. also should i notice if the describtion says HDMI TO VGA , or VGA TO HDMI?
  9. Yes i found some adapters like this in my local stores. Because i dont want to mess with Amazon 1.POWERTECH adapter HDMI to VGA, with audio jack (this one has external cable for audio) https://bit.ly/3c3uE5e 2.Adapter OEM HDMI to VGA (HDMI-VGA BL) (with audio jack) (and this one has a integrated audio cable ) https://bit.ly/2KP5gnS these are cheap like 8 euros i dont want to spend more for one adapter. Also i have already VGA cable. i dont know for which one should i go.
  10. Hey, i have 2 monitors, my primary is one LG ultra wide 29' 75hz , and the second one LG too 720p i think i dont care about it, i want to you use it while livestreaming. My question is what adapter should i use ? My monitor has only on VGA port, and the GPU only DVI and HDMI, So i need adapter. One adapter like that should be this one i guess HDMI male - VGA female . Will i have any problems?
  11. Hey there recently i built my machine with R5 2600 Tomahawk max 2x8gb 3200mhz, i have a rx 570 4gb powercolor. First i wonder why i get only 60 fps. Second some times my fps drops to 30, 20 Why? Thanks
  12. Some users tho reported that some ram sticks doesnt work at 3200 mhz with ryzen. They tried to enable XMP but they getting numerous of blue screens. After a long search i found that. I dont think that's a problem. But i buy any of the 3200mhz stick of rams how i sure that they will run on 3200mhz? Since they say they run at 3200 why in fact they are not ? Thanks again