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  1. Okey, thanks for the suggestion guys!
  2. Hey can you send the type instead? I dont know why but I can't open either links. Thanks though
  3. Hey I'm looking whether or not to upgrade my ram for my laptop. My laptop is HP Omen 15, and it currently has 16gb ram (1x16GB). Some recommend to upgrade to 32gb, and some recommend to upgrade to a better 16gb (2x8GB). Any recommendations? I'm mostly using my laptop for gaming, light video editing, and just regular productivity for university. There is no budget, as long as it's reasonable. Or is it just not worth it to upgrade? Thanks
  4. Hey, i'm looking for an extra monitor to use for my laptop (i7-8750h, GTX 1060 6GB). Any recommendations? I'm looking for: 1080p, 144hz, G-sync, IPS (preferably, does not have to be it). For latency, I don't mind any. I prefer 5ms, just because it is usually cheaper then the 1ms ones. My laptop has an HDMI output, so no display ports here. Budget is around $200 - 300 Thank you in advance!
  5. oohh, nice thanks ill try using it from now! did not know this before
  6. would if i could, all my passwords and settings are already here. gonna be a task to migrate. thanks tho
  7. is there a way that i dont need to drag it all into one window? Or is it just not possible and the only way is to drag it into one?
  8. So I usually open 2 chromes at once, one for research and one for docs. The chrome for docs, is only for docs, and the one for research has many tabs of websites. I have my chrome set up to never close tabs when i close chrome, but when i close the chrome with the multiple tabs and then close my chrome with only my docs, the tabs that are saved are only the docs one. ( I sometimes forget to close the docs first ). Is there a way that regardless of how many chrome i have opened it will all save the tabs i have opened? thank you
  9. Hi, I am looking to replace my original router from my ISP. Is there any good budget option for a 5ghz GPON option? Dont really care about the range since I am going to run it trough a switch and access points Thank you!
  10. I don't think the one from my ISP can enable 5ghz. I have looked it in the manual and the and there aren't really any info about being able to change the settings. Does this mean I need to upgrade the one from my ISP?
  11. Um, where can I see this? I do not really understand networking... haha.
  12. Hi guys, before hand I do not really know anything about networking. Currently I am having issues where my signal strength is 3/4 (it can sometimes even be 2/4 or full, its not really constant) but I only have 13,2 mbps download and 8,5mbps upload on my phone (Using speed test application, 3rd floor in my room), where in my laptop using Lan, I am getting 210,2mbps download and 94,2mbps download (using speed test application as well). My setup currently is this (I have uploaded the photos of the model of my routers and switch); My house is 3 floors, 1st floor is where the router from the ISP is, I am connecting it to my switch which then connects to my 2nd floor router (when testing infront of the 2nd floor router its 20mbps down, 24mbps up using speedtest app). I am connected to the 2nd floor router, not the one from the ISP. Is there any way to improve the speed and possibly strength. I do not really have a set budget as long as it's worth it and justifiable. Note My house is running on cat 5e.
  13. Thank you so much for the response! After looking at the comments and after more consideration I think I will save up and go with the surface. Since as some mentioned multitasking would be better and just the overall experience.