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  1. Thanks for participating, to my knowledge there are two ways to install drivers, one is durring the windows setup nd the other is in the system manage once the windows is running. Since I will most likely still have the USB probablem the second seems more reasonable. Since I already have SP4 in the VM, it technically *should* be there, so I can just download the one from the link, update it, clone the VM to the ssd and wish for the best?
  2. I have 4 of them if that is what I was trying to do, I would not be asking for help herr. I need to put it on that one system so I don't have to carry around 2 laptops.
  3. I am attempting a rather unusual task, so I am aware there might not be an easy solution for this. I have a ThinkPad X270 with a NVME ssd with windows 10 installed and a half sized empty 120GB ssd. (Both are M.2). My goal was to boot up to Windows 2000 either from the smaller drive or pendrive. Attempting multiple workarounds all ending in a failure here I come. Here is the list of what I tried: -Before all this I configured the bios to work properly (secuteboot off, legacy bios support enabled etc.) - First I tried to install the windows to USB. I created a WinSetup from USB drive and then a E2B one from it. I ran it in the system, it didn't detect any of my internal drives so the only option was to install to the USB itself, to wich I got an error saying windows install doesn't support removable drives with multiple partitions. - Next I tried to just make a Winsetup from USB flash drive and tried to run it but that resulted in "Inaccessible_Boot_Device" error. After that I repeated the same thing with a setup CD, my laptop doesn't have a internal disk drive one so I used a USB one. Then the setup freezes on the "Setup is starting windows 2000" screen. I tried to disable the ACPI (pressing F6 and selecting standard PC), wich again resulted in "Inaccessible_Boot_Device" error. -Next I installed Windows 2000 on a VM, extracted the vdi to a raw iso file. I tried cloning it directly to the SSD, however Rufus doesn't recognize non-removable drives, so I first copied it to the USB with Rufus and then ran a recovery tool to clone it to the ssd...wich refused to boot up. The USB however did boot up , but I got a ACPI incompatibility error. I went back to the VM, disabled the ACPI in the system, cloned the disk again and repeated the process. This time I instead got the "Inaccessible_Boot_Device" error. At this point I ran out of ideas and didn't know what to do. From my understanding Windows is missing the drivers to read trom the USB ports (wich I think are both 3.0) but I have no idea where would I possibly get them and how would I apply them. I don't have any other computer that has both a disk drive and a m.2 slot, neither do I have any computer that has a hdd and a m.2 slot at the same time. Is there something I possibly am missing out in one of the attempts or is there another method I could try?