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  1. I like what I am seeing! Amazing results! I think I can make use of software like these at work. Is it standalone or works on a separate tool?
  2. I prefer Chrome over anything else. But I have had good experience with Vivaldi and Brave
  3. Oh yeah, it's safe. It's just a mirror. Not managed by Wikipedia but I couldn't find anything harmful on that link either.
  4. Is there a way to remove double ticks on WhatsApp messages? I mean others should not know if I have received the message. I tried finding it online and came across some references: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-disable-double-tick-and-blue-tick-in-WhatsApp https://alrigh.com/double-blue-ticks-one-tick-on-whatsapp-meaning/ Now I understand I can block them but that way I won't receive the message. Sites above mention that can't be achieved. However I was wondering if there's an easy trick or mod?
  5. Yes, they did give me the hardware but there was no mention of a VPN. I was reading online about a VPN so I got concerned.
  6. Thanks a lot everyone for answering! My confusion is solved now! So apparently I don't need a third-party VPN and should be using one that my company provides (if they do of course). Using a third-party VPN isn't essential and may actually prove harmful. Really helpful community!
  7. Due to the ongoing crisis I have been working from home. I read on several places online where they suggested to use a VPN. I was wondering if its really necessary to do so or should I access the internet like I always did? I am working on content writing so not sure if I need the extra security.