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  1. I currently have a older rig self built, an asus z97-e with a xeon 1220 v3 16gb ram and a evga 1060 sc 6gb. So a fairly old build and I'm looking at upgrading to a more modern gaming plus video watching. I currently use 3 monitors one being an ultra wide 2560x1080 the other 2 1920x1080 but could drop to just 2 as one is basically my chat client monitor. I'd like to be in the range of 800-1000 CAD where I can reuse my 1060 to upgrade it later. Will take recommendations for a future video card upgrade though. I have a base idea using pcpartspicker hitting a sub 1000 CAD where the case is definitely not locked in, I just like the Idea of having a horizontal setup. I'll also be reusing my second HDD as the main storage medium a 3TB dive but not the windows boot drive. Any recommended changes would be appreciated for a best bang for your buck approach. My Idea Build at present