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  1. Hi, As we all know right now the world is dealing with an uncertain future. I was thinking what will happen if we have no more power supply in our house while still having internet service by satelite, or other means ? For any of us that is part of this community it might be worst than no having food. So I want to ask Linus if it is possible to do this. Hi Linus, I always watch your channel and I like those builds. I've always wondered if it is possible to build a system and powered it completely by solar. People always built solar to power their full house I will only like to power my pc. Like most of us I believe. ($$) 1,- Is it possible to do? 2.- How much will it cost? The lower the best for all I guess. 3.- How easy or hard can it be? 4.-Can you benchmark without crashing the system? 6.- Will it be a feasible system, Will it pay itself overtime? 7. and many more >>> ?? The monitor and the PC need to be power by it, and it will have enough juice to to run overnight maybe doing back ups and not intensive tasks. Let me know what you think about this idea for your Youtube channel. I will like to see this. Sincerely. Michael Rivera