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  1. I asked a friend and on this forum for advice on how to fix a mobo issue, and although updating the BIOS fixed the issue, I'm pretty sure the BIOS update reverted everything back to factory settings which includes my fan settings and cpu settings. I have no idea what the previous settings were since its been 2 years since ive set them. Idle temps for the cpu seem pretty normal with most cores staying at 31c while im write this. Is 82c normal when playing Minecraft with high settings for an i7 8700k, because CPU intensive games are causing it to run a little toasty and the fan now sounds like a jet engine. Is there any way to recover these settings, because I honestly don't remember what I had them set at before.
  2. Ive had this mouse for ~5 months and have only starting getting this issue recently. Basically, whenever I plug the mouse in it starts charging but refuses to turn on. Whenever I plug the cable in, windows says it cannot recognize it. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. This recording is godawful, and the noise in the background isn't the fans. The camera on my old phone isn't particularly the greatest. However it demonstrates the issue that is taking place. Again it takes place whenever I try to wake the PC up from sleep or hibernation. Rarely after it does this the botton wont work until I turn the PSU on and off. 0407201548.mp4
  4. Found a way to reset the UEFI entirely and im up and running on a fresh slate of the current version, updating isn't supported though. Lets just see if this fixed my issue. Thanks
  5. The BIOS/UEFI is 2 years old, gonna update it.
  6. After asking a few of my friends and in the PSU sub-forum I was directed here by everyone. MOBO: ASUS PRIME H130-PLUS Whenever I put my PC into sleep mode it just shuts off sometimes, this started happening yesterday (I do this about 4 times a day) . One time the power button refused to work even though the motherboard lights were on. Because of the power button issue ive ruled out my video drivers being the cause of the problem. Recently, I tried to turn it on from a shutdown and I heard the psu start and then nothing, but the motherboard lights are still on. Turned the PSU on and off and I was able to boot the PC up and am now paranoid of turning it off this time. Is this a PSU issue or a Mobo issue? I asked a friend and one of them said to update the BIOS. Is the Mobo fucked?
  7. This is an issue that started happening yesterday and asking Computer Hardware on Steam Discussions gave me unhelpful results. Ive boiled down the issue into being one having to do with the power supply, the 850GQ. I also got a new GPU but I don't think it has anything to do with the problem since its behaving exactly as it should. Recently, whenever I try to wake my computer up from sleep/hibernation, theres a 1/10 to 100% chance (depending on how long its been) I will hear a click, proceeded by the PC completely losing power. One time it did this, the power button on my tower refused to work even though the motherboard lights were on until I unplugged its cable from the tower and plugged it back in. This click is the same click that I hear whenever I shut the PC off power it off, so the click in particular isn't whats concerning me. The fan has also started to get slightly louder whenever playing CSGO (I tried to get a recording but the microphones I have cant seem to pick this sound up whenever I put them behind the computer by the PSU) The fan noise stops entirely when I exit the game or go to a low light area/main menu which makes sense because I have the Eco mode turned on, so that's how Ive pin pointed the fan in particular. Should I be worried about this more than I already am, and is there a way for me to fix this issue. (Other note: The PC makes a loud noise like a car starting up the first second its powered on, but Im pretty sure that this is just the fans running at top speed until the bios sets them like ive seen 2 of my other PCs do. The loud noise hasn't happened until I swapped out my old PSU for this one and a new GPU)